N17 Jons terrain and miniatures

The upside down bridge looks really awesome and natural, it was only when I was trying to figure out what bits were used that I went ”wait a sec...”.

Very gritty, much love. :)
Thanks. I try to use some gw stuff on all the terrain I make so it will fit in. But there is a lot of random garbage and leftovers.
Just had a look through this, cracking stuff. I really like the updating of the cardboard terrain, I’ve seen it done a few times and yours is making me want to give it a shot as well.
any plans to make some of the other cardboard terrain that gw released using the bulkheads? I think there was a teleporter, firebase, bastion etc?
Hey its been a while! Here is some of the stuff i have been doing. Yes is Dogs for my orlocks and a kimerix
dog 1.jpg
dog 2.jpg
dog 3.jpg
Dog 4.jpg
Escher cat 2.jpg
Escher cat.jpg
Love the Khymerix, is that a 3rd party model or a kitbash?

It's also some sweet work on the Goliath's.
It's a dark elder kymera and a lot of greenstuff. I tied to look at the picture in the book. I'm not playing esher at the moment. But next campaign I play the i might as som more fure.
Servitor 2.jpg

I got these Christmas 2019. I like servitors so ist a god addition to the collection. Also i have made a pool of communal hive scums that can be used by everyone. And it works for balancing the game. But i make these scum after the gear they have. So yes you can have a hive scum whit a plasma cannon. But its just for one game..... Kind of fun.