N17 Jons terrain and miniatures

I already liked the first table very much and your new gaming table was great again. What I also like is that self-construction still plays an important role for you and your group, even with and despite the well-made and nice DU Zone Mortalis Terrain.

If I saw that correctly, you built your wall from a wooden frame with MDF panels. Did that have special reasons? I ask because I bought 5 cm thick Styrodur (XPS) for my own wall. The height should be around 40 to 50 cm and I hope and expect Styrodur to be stable enough for this.

Then I have questions about playability, please. I see two or three transitions depending on whether it is a dome wall or a city wall. How does that work in games and do you use special rules for this? Among other things, I ask myself whether the passages are not blocked too easily, or whether miniatures that ignore terrain could have too great an advantage?
Thanks. We are a Groupe of 7-11 players that have 4-5 playing weekends a year. So then we need a few tabels. I also like making stuff so that's the main reason. The plastic kits are very nice but scratch building has even bigger rom for kreativeti.

As for the new table. I build on it as we go and always try to paint new editing to the table before I build more. So I don't know the end result yet. You question about playabilety. Yes there are som strong kill points but remember there is many fighters whit infiltrate. There is also terretories that's gives this ability. Also reenforcement can come from all table edges. And you can also choose to have the deployment area so that you can start on both sides of the wall. The wall can also be removed. So I don't have to use it. This are the walk around the potential problem you described. But yes you do have a point. But we have other normal tabels. And I wanted this to feel different and it does. The other once are easyer to use sure. In a way I wanted to build some thing narrative. I want a hab/marked area on one side and a old industrial wasteland on the other side. So that's what im going for. But I may but in more openings we will see has the board grows 😊

As for models that ignore terrain and questions like that. The awnser is it has not happened yet. But I think it will be OK. For extra rules we but terminals in the big pipe on top and it's suppose to be a zip line like in the computer game. It's a full action to use it. Also we let people whit Tunnel and simular terretorier and effect put in people from the middle of the table. Put from the middle of the big pipes then.

As for material. I think you will be OK. The stuff I used is soft u can cut it whit a knife. But it does become more stable the more pain, glue and stuff I put on. Also I does have a thick wooden frame and that helps. The hight og the wall is roughly 24' and the horizontal part of the table is 48' pluss the frame of the vertical wall. And I think that'd rougly 10 cm.

Thanks for the praise and hope I answered you questions.
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Yes and thanks for the detailed answer. I often lack practical gaming experience, especially as a large group, so it was very interesting for me.
Another orlock. I have a few more but don't really need any at the moment so I'm going to try to paint som other stuff. But the orlock minis are realy nice to work whit
I have never seen a cat in those things and I finally see it! The paint job on the second one actually shows me some of the inspiration for the model! I can see a sphinx in the inspiration and I actually kinda like the model now.
Thank you. Glad you like them. I like critters like this they are a bit different to paint allso they are usefull for all kind of scenarios.
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One of the things I really like about Necromunda is the interesting menagerie of animals, tech (we won't discuss cards and incomplete/broken rules) and characters
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Yeah... hasn't stopped me getting all the books 😹... 😿
But good people are parsing the rules and making sense of it all, so it's ok.
So to keep it on topic, if you haven't already decided on some bombrats, let me direct your attention to these!
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As for the rules it has som veier stuff in it. For me it's mostly the campaign rules that's need some work. But I rember back in the sats when we had 15 man gangs in full cover and owerwatch. Just waring for the other to move. And one turn took like 1 hour. So it was not perfect then either. Anyway I find the alternate turn system much better. But there is still things that dosent always make sense. But for me it's more like a rpg in many ways. So we roll whit it whit a few alteration. But we have changed the campaign system a lot. 😊
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There is a LOT to work with and the cleaned up rules that the good folks here have put together make it into a pretty fine game. The biggest thing that makes it better is that turn by turn activation, it makes the whole thing a bit more enjoyable.
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yes i have looked at the updates a lot of it is good. And clears it up. But i dont agree whit every thing. I think its moved a bit to much toward the old rules. So we dont use it as rules but as a clarification errata. But maybe when we start our new campaign. A campaign normally takes a few years :)
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So ended up high light old models lately. So its dangerous to look to much at that you have done a while back. But I did try the new marked stall rules and ended up getting a a combi bolter flamer. so had make a new orlock. Its a bit of grrenstuff on this convertion mostly on his left hand and the pistol holster. Got a paintgun for x-mas and this is the firs model i whit a propper senetal highlight (or what its called). Been doing a bit on the table lately but ill do a bit more before i document the new improvements.
So there is some progress on my newest board. Just small stuff and adding detail. The big pipe is not in now. It's made so I can take it out for transport.
1. This how it looks whit out the pipe. The pipe makes the table much more stable. Here i have made a small room for the doors between the two "halls"
2. So there is still alot off painting left to do. But i try to put some colors on quit fast. Then i can still play on the board and its much harder to do later when i glue new stuff on. I glued on a lot of covid tests and the are there to mark where the walkways i plan to put on the wall is going to be. They will also help making them more stable.
3. The door opening.
4. Just a over veiw. On the " marked" area of the table.
5. So here i have made a we something. As you can see i use a lot of sprew bits on this table. It makes it looks messy and thats the point. To make the sprew look better i paint it with a mix of black/brown and sand. And then its just to dry brush metal. orange or what you want on top.
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I must say that when you go all in...you go all in.

Mrs. Captain Brown would never let me have such a large and permanent terrain piece. No matter how I tried to spin it.


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