Judge Dredd "terrain" sources?

Nov 19, 2017
Hey all

Wasn't really sure which sub-forum to post this in...

I want to get into the Warlord Games Judge Dredd miniatures game (especially as the rulebook is half price at the moment), but one thing that is putting me off is terrain (something I'm sure we all struggle with no matter what the game is).

My gaming buddy and I have terrain suitable for 40k and Oldcromunda, and whilst I'm sure the terrain we have could work for Judge Dredd, I'd like some kind of "hab block" type buildings to make more of a densely packed city look. Thing is if I make them, they'll be foamcore shells and rather plain and boring.

I've seen some MDF stuff, in a brutalist style, that would be perfect for the job, but the company/person making them is in Oz and the buildings are horrendously expensive (they're not even pre-painted!!).

I've seen card stock stuff made for games like Adeptus Titanicus, one company (whose name escapes me at the moment) does a whole battlefield, of pre-painted cardstock buildings for about £20-£30.

I'm drawing a blank via google, so, I'm wondering, if anyone here knows of similar products for larger scale games such as Judge Dredd, something along the lines of a box of half a dozen or more cardstock building that you assemble in five minutes and put down on the table?

Thanks in advance.
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Dec 16, 2015
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Found these

Other than that been finding more vehicles and such as stil files. If I find more will post them here.
Nov 19, 2017
Thanks. I've come across those before, but at £9-£15+ per building, it's still cost prohibitive. I think, what I'm looking for, at the price I'm prepared/able to pay, doesn't exist.

So, I've decided to bite the bullet and make some buildings out of foamcore, and having made some templates based on photos of stuff I've seen on the web, I'm waiting on some sheets of foamcore and will probably make a start on at least 1 building next week.
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Nov 19, 2017
Thanks. if I fail with the foamcore I'll have a look into giving those a go, I suspect however my foamcore buildings will look better, and be lighter. Besides cost, I just wanted to avoid having to spend time making stuff myself...


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Antenocitis Workshop have a lot of stuff. Amera Plastics sell some stuff that may be of use. This stuff looks pretty good too.
I made some foamcore stuff, it’s somewhere in my blog. The devil with that is getting good details glued to it. I bought lots of resin stuff, made loads of silicone moulds of other stuff, and still was never satisfied. Some people have the gift I guess. I ended up buying shit loads of Mortalis terrain instead 😂


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Oct 30, 2014
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I don’t know anything about the Jusge Dredd game. Is it 28mm scale or something bigger?

If it’s the Warlord Games version that is 28mm they promote using Sarissa Precision and Terrain Crate.

The Sarissa stuff in particular looks decent and there is a Guide on their website on how to build their hands block kit that might give you some ideas on how to construct them out of foam core.

The trick to making home made terrain look good is basically layers of texture and additional greebles stuck to the terrain. Build your internal structure expecting to stick another layer of foam core and another layer of cardboard onto the outside of it.

The other thing is understanding scale as if you get it wrong it can make terrain feel wrong. If you are going multi-storey keep in mind that an average person is about 1.8metres and floor to floor height in a building is about 2.7m, so each storey should be about 1.5 times (or even stretched up to 2 times for playability) the height of the miniatures you are playing with. The big trick here though is to be consistent with the floor to floor scale of each building so they all fit together.


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A relatively cheep diy option might be to decorate some boxes:
Post #193

I photocopied my actual terrain, but I think this is the right resource :
Nov 19, 2017
@almic85 - Warlord say it's 32mm. The previous iteration, by Mongoose Publishing was 28mm, so anything that works for 28mm to 32mm would be fine I guess.

@CaptainDangerous - thanks, that is an interesting idea. I have the scans of the OG Necromunda terrain (as well as an OG physical set), slowly working up to making my own 2nd set of bulkheads and walkways/platforms. What's holding me back on that project is finding some effective way of sticking A4 paper labels with the artwork printed on them to styrene sheet so that they don't eventually peel off if their adhesive is a bit weak (I've considered 3M spray mount type of adhesive, but I'm not sold on it), and summoning enthusiasm for cutting out styrene for the bulkheads. That and buying £50 worth of styrene sheet...

Just want to find something for Judge Dredd that is cheap, i.e. a battlefield in a box for sub £50, rather than making stuff myself, because detailing/painting stuff so it looks good is where I fail. Will see how I go with my current plan though. Although I am getting a "probably shouldn't be doing this" feeling as I've "borrowed" heavily from the company that makes what I'm replicating...
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Jun 1, 2017
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