Juvenile Delinquents vs. Arbites


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Apr 7, 2018
I was bored and wondered about about an exciting new supplement for N17 consisting of new models and scenarios. Have fun and here we go:

Juvenile Delinquents vs. Arbites

The supplement would come with the following figurines:
- Two squads of Arbites (Commandant Lassard, Mahoney, Hightower, Tackleberry and Sgt. Callahan & Captain Harris, Proctor, Jones, Thompson and Hooks).
- Juvenile delinquents (Lance, Josha and Chantale with their criminal friends).
- Victims of juvenile delinquents (Oldsters with wheelchair, walking stick, shaking fist in fury at brats, etc.; Bullied teachers & pupils and outlet consumers & sales staff).

1. Mug the oldsters
Lance and his tough guys dressed in leather jackets and wielding knives and clubs are attacking unsuspecting oldsters in the park. Call in the Arbites to get them off the street!

2. Tag war
Joshua and his cronies wearing baseball caps and baggy pants are defiling public property with their disgusting tags. It´s high time for the Arbites to lock them up and throw the keys away!

3. Bullying in school
Chantale and her gang of alpha bitches wearing nothing but revealing sloot suits are bullying teachers and pupils alike with impunity. Arbites, teach those brats proper respect and a fondness for more conservative clothing.

4. Shoplifting
It´s Chantale again with her fabulous fashionistas shoplifting at only the most expensive outlets in order to get hold of the latest sloot suits. Arbites, stop this heinous crime wave!

5. Public nuisance
It´s Lance again with his noise boys causing a ruckus during the middle of the night while being inebriated. Arbites, end there ghastly nightlife once and for all.

6. Littering
It´s Joshua again with his trash tramps littering all over the place. Arbites, show ´em what law and order is all about.
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Outlanders: Cults And Criminals is something I'd like to see as a supplement (a full one like the original, not this piecemeal stuff).

Cults: it would compile and include the Genestealer Cults and Chaos Cult gangs, along with Redemptionists (Cult of the Emperor is another cult after all) and the all-new Wyrd Coven.

Criminals: the rest of the original outlanders. pitslaves, ratskins, spyrers. And then add in the Ash Waste Nomads Invaders (nomads infiltrating the hive to scavenge. no vehicles.)

it would include... lessee... more scenery like the N17 box and Redemptionists vs. Ratskins.
Loan sharks and debtors: Guilders, spryers, pit slaves, outlawed house gangs

Cults and Dispossessed: genestealer, chaos, redemptionist, Scavvies, rat skins

A new form of gorka morka meets necromunda: ash wastes nomads, junka orks, feral orks, humans harnessing beasts rather than vehicles.

That should be enough to see my tiny child off to college...
Old post but I just saw it.

So the Juveniles Vs Arbites is very similar to an idea I had long ago with classic NM, called Hive City, or Juve Story. It was to be played as the prequel to a regular campaign. Each player has a small gang of juves, maybe 300 credits. You'd have scuffles, with objectives much like those you gave examples of, in between work shifts in the Hive City. All games would have watchmen patrolling like sentries and enforcers arrive when the alarm is raised. Guns would obviously be rare due to the risks involved. The top juve from each gang becomes your leader in the following Underhive campaign.

I need to work this idra into a full campaign for the new edition!