Kannon Knockback wounds?

Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Zeebogie, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Zeebogie

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    How does a Kannons Knockback work for XP?
    If someone is hit but not wounded by Kannon however they are knocked back and either fall off a ledge or out of a moving vehicle and wounded by the fall does the shooter get XP for a wounding hit?
    I would say they do as it is still a direct result of the shot but am curious to others interpretations as I can see how it could be classed as the same as a vehicle swerving from damage and causing itself more damage.
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  2. Ben_S

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    I'd say no. If the to wound roll fails, then it's not a wounding hit. They may end up taking damage as an indirect result of the hit, but the hit itself was not a wounding hit.
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  3. Aulenback

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    Gravity gets the XP.

    Poor humour aside, I think Ben_S has it right. The wounding or not wounding hit is what calls for XP, just as a shot from a weapon that does d3 wounds only counts as one wounding hit, even if it does three wounds from that hit.

    Similarly, pit slaves in ORB Necromunda who throw someone off a tall ledge don't get experience for the damage done by the fall, just for damage done by the actual close combat hit(s).
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  4. I'd say yeah. If you chuck someone and they take a wound, wouldn't that be considered experience worthy? He still directly caused the wound, even if it wasn't caused directly from the contact of the bullet smacking the other ork. Remember, it doesn't particularly matter what the rules say, especially if they don't even directly say it. So if you feel something should work a different way than you could infer from the rules of the book or other books, then it does! For instance, the rules say that if any ork loses a round of combat on a vehicle, he should be thrown overboard, even if he didn't take a wound. However, I said screw that, and so I play with orks only being thrown overboard if they get taken down. Remember that the books themselves say not to take the rules to seriously! (y)
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