N18 Keeping creds spare

I wonder if anyone has some thoughts on this;
I'm creating a gang for a one day New-Necromunda event where I'll be playing in probably three games at most (it's a mini campaign, as I understand it, so there will be oppotunities to buy new things and hire scum). Is there any reason to keep any credits spare of my starting allowance? Or am I better off blowing every last cred at gang creation?
I had great success saving for a suspensor (heavy bolter) in case I made the rare trade roll but failed the money. We had a short campaign, not three games short but short enough I wasn't sure of the cash.

For me it depends will those creds but you bodies to win the first game or is it a reasonable idea to save them to win later games... for three games a bounty hunter might not be horrible as they are likely to be available each game.
For normal campaigns I think it’s wise to keep some money back for a potential trip to the doc, until you get a rogue doc anyway.

Nothing more annoying than having a low roll for the doc fee but still having no money to pay it.