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Sep 12, 2012
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Just a thought, if you wanted this to be a sticky? A place to share Kickstarters we may find interesting. I'm talking games, scenery, equipment sprues... I've noticed there's a few individual threads for Kickstarters, so why not a hub for them?

I'd like to kick off with The Walking Dead by Mantic Games <-- Link (I know, I'm a total mark for Mantic)
It's funded, so now it's just stretch goals. Everything unlocked goes into it's main pledge level, then there's optional expansions. Give it a check out. I've backed it and put a bit money in for the scenery upgrade.
Update: They've announced a lower cost pledge level now which gives you just the base game and a couple extras. That one is $75. They've also just hit another stretch goal that gives a Roamer booster pack, so more zombies! At $300,000 they unlock the Greene Farm expansion, something they were going to be releasing much later, but with the massive interest, they've brought forward for the Kickstarter.
I was a real big Mantic fan in the early days but I've gotta say I've really gone off them as a company now. They're very quick to rush out a new product, and expansions. but once it's out and they've got something new in the pipeline, all support/feedback for the last game system stops.

Dreadball is one of my favourite games, and I was lucky enough to have a Mantic Pathfinder active at my club. But even when he was running large tournaments and getting dozens of people turning up, Mantic offered no help to his requests for assistance, information or even promotional items like posters to build on the new games. He gave up being a Pathfinder in the end.

I'm glad they've dropped 1 of the Kickstarter sets to £75, but that's still too rich form my blood for a new game system I don't know if I'll get my friends to play or not. Not everyone is as into Zombies as me!

"Roses are red
Zombies are green
When the Dead start to rise
I want you on my team"
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Good idea on the sticky thread for Kickstarters. I'm always annoyed when I miss out on cool ones or I'm too late for the cheap early birds!!!
I'm glad they've dropped 1 of the Kickstarter sets to £75
It's actually like £51 ($75), in case that helps ;)

I can see where you're coming from, though, with regards to them moving things out and immediately having something else on the plate, but that's how business grows! Products! Shame to hear about the lack of support, though.
I laughed a little at the "Not everyone is as into zombies" bit, I do love my zombies, myself!

@King Redwart - Hopefully this will be stickied! Maybe if @cardyfreak has a free moment? *Hint Hint* haha :D
The zombies look really cool and I want some, but sadly all the unlocks are only for the $125 pledge. = (

I'm gonna wait till it hit's the shops, (especially as the last KS they ran saw it hit the shops before a lot of backers got their orders.)
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There are zombie boosters you can add to your pledge. And even if it ran over so retail had the game first, it would still be a big saving. That's how I see it anyway. They've announced some ruined cars (something that I've really wanted for Mars Attacks, but was never put up retail, only Kickstarter, which I thought was strange) so I'm hoping they hit that goal. I'm about to up my pledge for the Prison expansion. The prison zombies look cool. Especially the riot gear one
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Just started looking at kickstarters are there any risks.. such as if they cancel it do you get your money back?
There should be a list of risks at the bottom of the page. Kickstarters don't charge you until the end & only if they have been successfully funded. However, there is no guarantee that they will ever come out with a product. Look at track record, if they have one. If they are company, check them out. If they are showing practical items already and only looking to ramp up & get some publicity, that's a good sign.
That worries me more as I could end up agreeing to fund when I've got spare cash then forgetting about it and spending that money lol
Well, one option if there is no early bird special or they are already all gone, just hit the "Remind me" button. It sends you an 2 days before the end of the campaign.
How can Space Cowboys not be themed for us ... we're just big kids. I've backed it mainly for the miniatures. I doubt I'll ever use them for anything other than the game .... But They Look So CUTE !!! Ahem, I meant Cool, So Cool. :whistle:
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