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Discussion in 'Kill Team' started by Sethmerlin666, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. spafe

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    Forge the narrative! That's not just any Cadian company being sent to their doom, oh no, that's M&S cadian company Howlers Company of the Cadian fighting 55th led by Major S. Thorn, veteran of the hive purges of Delphan tertiary, desperately fighting a rearguard action against the traitors of the warp to buy time for high command to save the rest of the 55th before the planet is lost.

    It's all in the story/narrative you put on it dude!

    but I do agree, you can tell some ace stories with skirmishes, and for that reason I'm excited about rogue trader
  2. Ben_S

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    I've just been looking at the GW email. Skitarii and GSC hybrids are both useful kits so, along with the scenery, they might make it worth the purchase. Any info on the RRP?

    I also notice their emphasis on on-going support ("This is just the beginning for Kill Team. This is a fully fledged Warhammer system that we’ll be supporting for years to come with rules, models, expansions and more – not to mention organised play, store tourneys and independent events. You can get started with Kill Team in confidence that we’ll be providing continuing support for your hobby.")

    Perhaps those bitten by SW:A can be excused for being shy...
  3. Space Truckin

    Space Truckin Gang Hero

    @Ben_S No doubt. How many times have they dragged out that "full support" tag line.
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  4. Ben_S

    Ben_S Hive Guilder
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    To be honest, looking at N17, I don't really know whether I want 'on-going support' anyway...
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  5. Space Truckin

    Space Truckin Gang Hero

    Well just took a jog over to the BnC.
    Looks like GW has learned a few lessons from N17 and SWA.
    Rulebook sold separately.

    No templates is a game breaker for me though the terrain is lovely.
    Will be sticking with N17 and SWA / 2nd ed. :D
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  6. Reyner

    Reyner Ganger

    Rogue Trader is an Add On to Kill Team by the sound of it - another board, bits of scenery and factions to play with. I think they mention it in the Q&A PDF :)
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  7. spafe

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    cool, can't say i'm interested in any of it bar the models, so I'm not really paying huge amounts of attention. Will just wait til the boxes are out and see if the models make me want to pick up the game to use them for N17/NCE
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  8. ^Agreed. I'll probably pick up the Rogue Trader expansion for the models though.
  9. Ardavion

    Ardavion Gang Hero

    I'm interested in the rules, since I like rules and understanding how they work; the models would interest me if they're not the rank-and-file models you can buy in bulk for 40k; I can't properly tell if the models in the box aren't the same as the rank-and-file or not from the screenshots, but I'd wager they are.

    Rogue Trader and it's different models, going by the older video, do interest me.

    The various accessories and bits of terrain aren't that important to me (except maybe the carry case, that looks quite portable and fittable-in-a-backpack, useful for other miniature collections).

    Nice how they clarified in the FAQ that Necromundan Irregular Infantry seemingly won't be a thing, and SWA is firmly brushed under the carpet - despite them acknowledging that people are, funnily enough, interested in skirmish-level games in the 41st Millennium.
  10. Ben_S

    Ben_S Hive Guilder
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    It sure looks like the standard models, as with the previous edition of Kill Team. But they confirm that the rules will be available separately.
  11. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    Just embedding the video here:

    But... guys...
    I was trying very hard not to be interested in this game... :(
    Now I know I will at least have to read those rules and pillage everything that could help fix N17
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  12. Stoof

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    Skitaari are a good conversions kit, the terrain is neat, and the GSC chaps can become a cult gang which I don't currently have. If the box is cheap enough I might pick it up.

    By the description it does look a little like N17 was a practice run to iron out system kinks, but that might be me being cynical.
  13. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    The Q&A has some items related to N17 and SW:A:
    On the one hand, N17 and KT are clearly two separate games so N17 can theoretically continue existing and being supported. On the other hand, I'm afraid KT will become the 40k skirmish game and N17 will simply vanish.
    SW:A is confirmed dead and buried.
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  14. FerociousBeast

    FerociousBeast Gang Champion

    First thought: How dare they trample all over Necromunda's "thing" so soon after N17's launch? :mad:
    Second thought: Well, I suppose it's not fair to keep skirmish gaming away from all the "normal" 40k players. :cool:
    Third thought: *sigh* :unsure:
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  15. I've played and enjoyed all the previous killteam versions and always walked away thinking i'd rather be playing necro.
    It's the killzone mechanicus box that interests me, nice card mat and a good chunk of scenery - just depends on the price.
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  16. Not really so soon after N17 we've been playing the new one for a long time now ;)
  17. necrobot

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    I'd agree with this. I liked the previous kill team versions and I'm curious about the new rules. I also liked using the different races and having excuses to buy them. But kill team was never as fun as necromunda.

    Something about building a gang with its own cast off characters just had more fun than building a kill team with two tactical marines, a devastator guy, a couple bikes, and some scouts. Thematically and narratively it was never as satisfying.

    I think it will do well if the rules are good. People already have the models. I don't think it should really change things for necromunda. GW would have already had this planned while doing the necromunda stuff so I'm sure everything fits into some sort of release schedule.
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  18. Deckard_2049

    Deckard_2049 Ganger

    The thing Necromunda has going for it is the unique models and setting. I'd much prefer playing killteam over 40k but killteam is less interesting to me in terms of theme/narrative and character. I'll have to see if it takes off locally, cause if not then i'll pass.
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  19. Galtarr

    Galtarr Gang Champion

    Whoever wrote that bit of FAQ about Necromunda Scavengers hasn't seen a well tooled Van Saar gang in action...

    Only thing that bothers me is that terrain. What's that floor height? Looks like sector mechanics 5" or higher? Not a ladder / walkway in sight. :(

    Oh clearly a D10 not a D8
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