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Discussion in 'Kill Team' started by Sethmerlin666, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. ZapNtoo

    ZapNtoo New Member

    I picked up N17 as a way to enter the "Hobby" and started learning to paint on my kids DnD board game minis. Still haven't gotten to painting or assembling the gangs included.

    Did end up buying some resin cause I just couldn't resist a one horned bounty hunter named Gor. As a kid I found my Dad's stash of Gor novels hidd3n in a book shelf and read everyone of them. But I digress..

    I was very interested in a 40k universe skirmish game so I picked up N17. Unfortunately I had read the rules for Infinity and really liked them. And when I read the core rules and gang war 1 I felt seriously let down.

    If KT18 has a straight forward set of rules that are well written, easy to understand, and built for matched play so I can find pugs, leagues and tournaments possibly. Then I will have no choice but to crack open the piggy bank.

    I probably would never sell my N17 copy cause I still want to kick my 19 year old self As s for selling my 12 year olds selfs copy of Blood Bowl.

    And all the resin Bounty Hunters would make for a sweet kill team or Inquisitors henchmen.
  2. DerekDecker

    DerekDecker Ganger

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  3. Space Truckin

    Space Truckin Gang Hero

    Paint job on the cultist in the first pic the guy with the heavy stubber is pretty cool.

    Anyone see any news on the terrain? Cost etc?
  4. Gunkaiser

    Gunkaiser Ganger

    Hopefully they'll have GSC dice at launch... Otherwise I just put in a request at my FLGS for the box and Killzone: Mechanicus
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  5. AndeeT

    AndeeT Ganger

    I will pick up the KT18 rules if I can find a group to play.

    I got the GSC neophytes for SW:A and then repurposed for N17, which can now be repurposed for KT18.

    One thing which is nice is GW now put a statement of committing long-term support in the Q+A of KT18. At least now we know that if this statement is missing in future releases, it’s a sign of a ‘one-shot’ kinda release.

    ... still, we have for everything else :)
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  6. ThreeDice

    ThreeDice Gang Hero

    Not interested unless the people I play with pick it up. Even then, not really sure as I'm turned off by the whole situation, but if I get to glance at the rules, may cobble something together so I have options and can help out.
  7. DerekDecker

    DerekDecker Ganger

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  8. Wasteland

    Wasteland Ganger

    Kill-Teams were first introduced in the 4th BRB and quickly forgotten. Then they were resurrected to sell the new shiny terrain features for the SWA campaign. Even factions without any reason to be there were shoehorned in. Now they take another attempt to get new players involved because apparently you only have to utter the phrase skirmish game and new blood comes crawling out of their holes. I don´t believe this game will last long.
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  9. Gunkaiser

    Gunkaiser Ganger

    But before Kill Teams there was "40k in 40", a popular fan variant of 3rd Ed that followed similar design principles... And a teaser in the 3rd Ed book that suggested a Necromunda-esque squad game would be coming (obviously it didn't).
  10. Gunkaiser

    Gunkaiser Ganger

    One thing I find interesting is that anyone who's bought the itty bitty starter box for 8th has what is probably two complete Kill Teams (I bought it on a whim so am pretty pleased even if I think Primaris Marines are bloody stupid)
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  11. Tiny

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    SWA was a massive success, more so than GW ever expected. After it sold out, the outcry from the community was such that GW had a second run of books printed to keep up with demand. It was never intended as a major standalone product and was simply a way to push new terrain in big volume. That is what has caused them to release Kill Team as a standalone product line as opposed to just an addon document to 40k as it was in previous editions. This version of Kill Team will likely sell better than any other recent GW game aside from the core 2 (although as it uses 40k minis, will crossover with core 40k sales), at least comparably to Shadespire, and will last at least a few years, entirely depending on how core 40k changes in the future.
  12. JawRippa

    JawRippa Juve

    Do we know if templates are used or not? That's a rather huge deciding point for me.
  13. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    Probably not.
    There is no template to be seen on the "what's in the box image" and point 10 only mentions dice and rulers, no template:
    Compare to the equivalent image for N17, with visible templates:

    Also, this skill tree uses "weapon that hits automatically" for flamers and the like, and not "template weapon":
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  14. JawRippa

    JawRippa Juve

    Oh bloody hell. This was the reason why I could not stand 8th ed HoR. I do understand how templates affect the speed of big 40k game, but in a skirmish game they are a must.
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  16. spafe

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    was it at the tradeshow they promised that, the post makes no such promise. If they did in a separate one, got a link? Not saying you are wrong/that they didnt heavily imply this stuff, but if they have it written somewhere I can link directly to.... GW will be receiving a very critical email very shortly asking for why we should trust them on kill team marketing
  17. Tiny

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  18. Ben_S

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    I guess 'continued support' is a rather vague promise anyway. Even if they did promise continued support for SW:A, they could say that you have the rules and they still make the models that you can use in the game, so what more support do you want?
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  19. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    I like that making a grot-only kill team is possible. Reminds me of the rebel grots from Gorka Morka.
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