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Discussion in 'Kill Team' started by Sethmerlin666, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Galtarr

    Galtarr Gang Champion

    Generally looks good. The only concern I have is reading rules snippets which talk about shooting phase. I like the N17 alternating activations and actions, over the old move phase,shooting phase. And worry that they've lost the essence of this by mixing in too much 40K rules. Or rather lip service to alternating activations. But can't tell for sure without rules. That and lack of ladders with starterbox terrain.
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  2. DerekDecker

    DerekDecker Ganger


    130 US Buck for the big box, nice.

    Aaaand the N17 box should have been like this.

    Hopefully I still have money left for Titanicus after I get this D:
  3. Ben_S

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    What's that equate* to? £75-80?

    *In GW pricing points, rather than current exchange rates.
  4. Tiny

    Tiny Hive Guilder
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    Yeah, hate that about Shadespire and Xwing. A minor annoyance though and tbh, unlike Shadespire, the game is probably fine without any cards whatsoever.

    They already said it uses alternating activation. Whether that means alternating movement, followed by alternating shooting or alternating completing a whole model's actions is another question altogether.
  5. Tiny

    Tiny Hive Guilder
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    I read £80 on a Facebook leak earlier. So £60-65 if you get it from an independent.
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  6. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    Judging by what they have written so far, even if you need the cards it won't be as problematic as with Shadespire, as all the cards are faction specific (so you don't need to buy the Orks set if you plan to only play Astartes, for instance)
    Also, it's unknown whether the physical cards are really needed (as in Shadespire, where you have to shuffle, draw etc. during the game) or if you can basically replace them with a simple table (like in N17)

    The stand-alone rulebook should be the same as SW:A, so £25 / €32.5 / $40
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  7. DerekDecker

    DerekDecker Ganger

    The tactics in here look more like the Stratagem from 8th ed 40k. They use command point, which mean you cannot use a lot of them.

    I don't think there're really any kind of deck building going around here, if you see the card and remember them, you can use them. They have a bunch of universal tactics and faction tactic from the book also. take a look of the Dark Eldar page preview.


    I do think the "see and remember" thing would still be fine in most scenario in N17. Or just don't care and use the cards from the starter box.. Or just don't use them at all, like Blood Bowl. And Blood Bowl... when you find out how much you had to pay to get all of the special play card....
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  8. Ben_S

    Ben_S Hive Guilder
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    I'm not unduly worried about the cards themselves, but I am wondering whether this will be the kind of game I want. GW seems to like lots of extra 'frills' - extra rules to make factions distinct, random events, etc. Having more experience now of different games, I think I prefer something more streamlined, without so many extras/complexities to keep track of.
  9. Tiny

    Tiny Hive Guilder
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    I agree. All of the "frills" in 8th Ed 40k, i.e. faction bonuses, stratagems, warlord traits, relics etc. only serve to make the game more complicated for very little by way of added benefit, many of them detracting from the actual game itself. It would be a better game without them, or at least less of them. The stratagems are the main culprit in 8th Ed. Perhaps they add more to a small skirmish game but could easily see me dropping the tactics cards as extraneous nonsense.

    I love the way Bolt Action does it, where each faction gets a few small faction-wide rules to make it fight a little differently to the others but nothing game breaking or overly complex.
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  10. Reyner

    Reyner Ganger

    Nice one Thorgor :D now to see how feasible my Praetorian Kill Team is going to be!
  11. FerociousBeast

    FerociousBeast Gang Champion

    $60 for five minis and a tiny amount of terrain. You can get whole games with an expansion or two for that kind of dough.

    Thanks for posting the price list, @DerekDecker, it helped remind me why I swore off GW. (I need frequent reminders for some reason :rolleyes:)
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  12. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
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    @Thorgor ’s link refers to the Shooting Phase. doesn’t sound like alternative activation. more like original YGIG
  13. spafe

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    Does anyone else feel that guard write up would have been better a few weeks ago when it could have been accompanied by a range of different regiment models in more detail than one rough pic of a load of conversion? Showing a group of 8-12 vahallans charging, or a firing line of a few mordians would have made that entry much more appealing I think... might jsut be me though
  14. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    From the official announcement :
    So it's halfway between Necromunda's AA and old school IgoUgo.
  15. Ben_S

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    It's basically what I suggested the other day:

    I notice they also mentioned designing your own space marine chapter yesterday. Lots of scope for creativity. You could take it even further with things like Exodites, Squats, etc too.
  16. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
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    i’ve been making my own space marine chapters since Rogue Trader... i assumed everyone else did too
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  17. FerociousBeast

    FerociousBeast Gang Champion

    Surprisingly limited number of selections for an IG kill team. Only Guardsmen, Special Weapon Gunner, and Stormtroopers. What about Ogryn? Ratlings? Commissars? Conscripts? Priests? Tech-Priests?
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  18. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    To qualify for Kill Team, a unit must apparently be human-sized and available as a multi-part plastic infantry box. If I'm not mistaken, the only exceptions so far are the ork kommandos (who got a pass because they really suit the 'spec ops team' theme of the game).
    I think they could have stretched their rules to include the ratlings (for the same reasons as the kommandos) but sadly they didn't make the cut.

    Maybe there will also be some special operatives on top of those units? (I believe SW:A had something like that)
  19. DerekDecker

    DerekDecker Ganger

    Well if you buy them separatedly the price would be 10-25$ higher without some extra stuff like card and token. Like that chimney terrain is whooping 50USD.

    My only problem with the starter box is the unit choice is... boring. Space Wolf Killteam should have been wolf pack. And the Orks one I'd like some Flash Gitz( and give them a cool rule to build your own snazzgun). Seriously Flash Gitz is so expensive and I've never seen them in any discount bundle.

    Anyway, faction focus : Necromunda Guardsman, I mean Astra Militarum.

    Nah, Tyranid use Warrior which is huge . I guess the designer thinks Orgyn are too dumb to be part of the team. Or maybe the faction can overwhelm the enemy with so many models that introduce a huge meatshield to the team would be broken. like how many guys this team can take? 20? 30? 10 guy max but OOA model get replaced with new one?
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