ORB Killer bird dinosaurs from space


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Apr 4, 2017
Connecticut, USA
Yeah, that’s the one. I liked the idea, but thought they were too “chunky”

edit: and by “chunky” I mean too angular, not chubby.


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Yak Comp 3rd Place
Mar 29, 2016
Halifax, NS, Canada
A second game with my Kroot gang, once again against the pinning-immune Blood Axe orks, But THIS time The Spear Flies True managed to pull a win, instead of turning tail and running.

Scenario was Scavengers. The monster didn’t appear even once. Only two loot counters on the table. Dense cover kept the hunters from shooting up the orks until the green skins got close to the prize.

One greenquill pair raced in, headed up to the exposed walkways and grabbed the loot that was out in the open, with the carrier being immediately blasted off his feet by the orks’ sustained fire shooting. He spun about and went down, promptly falling from the walkway to the deck below.

When the orks rushed forward, the other greenquill remained just out of reach, walked over and picked up the loot, before turning to shoot ineffectually at the nearest pursuing ork, just before the hunter group took him down with their long rifles.

Meanwhile, across the table, the orks clambered up to the other loot token, in a bastion well sheltered from Kroot shooting. A very inaccurate exchange of Frag between the krootox Rider and the orks left ... everyone still standing. Charging the krootox and the third greenquill into one of the entrenched orks, however, showed the advantage of the weight of numbers, with the ork going down to the second attacker bonus. Consolidating into the other orks, a very messy melee erupted.

But with two orks down, the Blood Axes Lost their morale and abandoned the slim winnings to the Kroot.

Thoughts: lost the first game decisively. Won their second game decisively. In both cases, numbers down were actually few, but with eight-fighter gangs, it doesn’t take much.

The krootox was a beast in melee, but mostly because he was the second fighter against a single opponent, and said opponent rolled a three and two ones for his attacks. A flamer (kombi skorcha) nearly did the krootox, as well, before he even got there. More testing, but he seems about right for his high cost and high starting xp - weaker overall, say, than an ogryn bodyguard by a fair margin.

Anyhow. Gang roster updated here on Yaktribe, a pair of clubs bought for one now-experienced greenquill, and one more greenquill hired on (they are now just under half the gang). Now to save up credits to be able to hire someone decent.