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Nov 23, 2020
Greetings gorkers n' morkers.

Me and my friend have been going at creating a bunch of fan stuff for Gorkamorka. I'd love to upload it all but i'm not sure how and where on the site.
Getting access to adding stuff to the vault would be really cool, but until that's a possibility i'll have to begin here.

Problem is that some of the stuff is kinda lengthy, and massive posts with text are kinda dull.
So uploading text files or .pdf is what i'd like, but not really sure of a good file sharing thing. I have dropbox, but not sure if i made it work for people.

But not to just be a boring question, i'll post a few of the short addons. So people can enjoy and try them out.

Meks in mektown are skilled ork engineers and weapon-mongers and armourers who can set
you up with an assorted lot of useful gear, weapons and vehicles.
But not all meks are as good, and some just feel like tinkering from time to time.

Or it might even be your own spanner or some weedy grot who managed to cobble together

To represent this, ANY mob may use acquire kustom gunz using these rules.
It is assumed that they either build it themselves or manage to get hold of someone who
can do it.

The model trying to get the gun cannot dig or perform other actions in the turn. He's
busy getting hold of the gun.

After it is done, it will cost D3+1 teef, either in materials or fees.

It will get these stats.
Str Pen Ammo roll Special
Kustom gun D3+1 X X X

Size: Roll to see how big the gun is.
1-2: It is a pistol.
3-6: It is a two-handed rifle... of sorts.

Penetrashun: The gun can be extra piercy... or not.
1: The weapon has +1 save modifier.
2-5: 0 penetration
6: The weapon is ded piercy! -1 penetration.

Range short: Roll to define short range.
1: Short range 2
2: Short range 4
3: Short range 6
4: Short range 8
5: Short range 10
6: Short range 12

Range long: Roll to define long range.
1: As short range +2
2-4: As short range +6
5-6: As short range x2

Snipin: Roll to define to hit bonuses.
1: -1 on short and long
2: -1 on long
3: -1 on short
4: No mods
5: +1 on short
6: Roll again, 1-3= +1 on long. 4-6= +1 on short and long.

Firin' speed: The weapon will either be some sort of cannon(or bow?) or possibly a rapid fire one.
1: It shoots 1 shot and gets the Move or fire rule from the crossbow.
2-5: It shoots 1 shot.
6: It has 1 sustained fire die.

Ammo: Roll to define the ammo rating.
1: Weird ammo, ammo roll automatic failure.
2: Ammo roll 6+
3: Ammo roll 5+
4: Ammo roll 4+
5: Ammo roll 3+
6: Super usual ammo, like nuts n' bolts or sumfink, roll again.
1-4= Ammo roll 2+. 5-6= Ammo roll Automatic success!

These values are defined once and never (usually) re-rolled.
Remeber to name your masterful creation.

If taken to proper mek for kustomisin', the mek will take a good long look at this oddball creation and
give your warrior an odd hateful look.
Then he will take it out back and work on it. Re-roll the entire gun, as the mek tries to rework the parts
he didn't approve of.
The new weapon will have the kustomisation you wanted tho, if you get it that is. Rolling the usual tables
for kustomisin'.
The mek will take an additional +1 teef on the roll because of the extra work.

Some orks get choppas fitted with rippy chain drives.
These weapons are loud gas guzzling unwieldy heavy
and dangerous weapons and thus very popular among orks.

A chain drive weapon can be taken when you buy either a
choppa or 'uge choppa for +1 teef cost.
It cannot be upgraded later.

It gets this special rule.

'Ded rippy: The whirring metal teeth bite into flesh and rip
armour sunder. You may re-roll to wound rolls.

In scenarios where revving the engines are used,
add +1 if the mob has any chain choppas.
But the model cannot hide any longer.

Weirdboyz are potent and uncommon sights upon the blasted wastes of gorkamorka. The few that mill about often live
as hermits in the middle of nowhere or have taken residence within mektown and lure or force others to do their
But not every ork who is blessed with the waaaagh has that control. Some of them get it later, but some get
completely overcome with the waaagh energies and have to constantly let them loose in combat or risk
having their head explode.

Ork Wurrdz are special orks that can be recruited for your gorker or morker mob.
Other mobs don't have the traditions or numbers to have any chance at all to have a wurrd.
Only orks may use wurrds.

Your mob may only ever have 1 wurrd, if your wurrd later dies or if you want to recruit your first one
you must roll two dice and get a double to be able to recruit one since they are so uncommon.
You may test once per time you are allowed to recruit boyz.

A wurrd costs 10 teef and has these stats.
Ws Bs S T W I A Ld
Wurrd 2 2 3 4 1 3 1 7

They have the same maximum stats as other orks. They begin with 40 experience, +1d6 during mob creation.

Weapons: You can arm your Wurrd with weapons and equipment from the Hand-to-Hand
Weapons, Gunz, Armour and Wurrd stuff lists

Special rules.
No control: Ork wurrds are wild conduits of waaagh energy. If an ork Wurrd gets a leadership upgrade, re-roll the
result and apply that upgrade instead. Redo the entire advance from the beginning.
If the Wurrd gets leadership again, he actually gets the advance this time.
This rule disappears if the wurrd manages to raise leadership, he has gotten any sort of semblance of control.

Weedy ork: Wurrdz are weedy and odd compared to regular orks. Orks don't trust them and they curiously lack the
drive to become nobs other orks have. Therefore if a wurrd gets more leadership than the nob, he does not try to take
over the mob. A wurrd will only do so if he gets 2 more leadership than the nob.

Rampant power: Every turn, the wurrd rolls 1D6 on this table as long as they are not down. Even if in melee.
Psychic tests are leadership tests, but if the wurrd rolls a double, he takes a strength hit equal to one of the dice.
Armour does not help against this damage.

1: 'POOF!! *Fizzle*' The wurrds head overheat and he coughs black smoke and is delirious. He is stupid until his
next turn.

2: 'Tellyport' With a crackle of green lightning, the wurrd leaves this material plane and appear somewhere else.
Roll a psychic test. If it fails, roll a scatter dice and immediately move the wurrd 2D6 in that direction. The wurrd
is teleporting and thus doesn't count as moving over any terrain in the way. If the target area is impassable move the
wurrd as near as possible in that direction.
If he teleports off the table he counts as not going down in the fight.
If the scatter die shows a hit, the wurrd teleports to where he is. This usually means nothing but if he was in a melee he
counts as charging now.
If the psychic roll is successful, the wurrd may choose which direction he teleports including to his current location.
Note that this doesn't count as moving and he may move, shoot and charge as usual afterwards, unless he is stuck in melee.

3: 'Warpath' From somewhere, no one is sure where, roaring orks can be heard. This motivates and drives the orks
around... possibly.
Roll a psychic test. If it fails, all orks within a range equal to the wurrds leadership suffer a -1 to shooting and to
combat resolutions. (Note ALL orks, including other mobs.) Until his next turn.
The voices spook the orks, or the mobs are just not feeling it.
If the psychic test succeeds, all orks within that range get +1 to shooting and to combat resolutions! (Note, ALL orks again.)
This bonus lasts until the wurrds next turn.

4: 'WAAAAAAGH!!!' The wurrds body crackle with green lightning as he cackles and goes into a mad frenzy.
Roll a psychic test. If it succeeds the wurrd gets double his current weapon skill and +1 attack, he must also charge towards
the nearest enemy, regardless of range. If a single friendly model in base contact makes a strength test, he can hold the wurrd
back and stop this charge. All orks in a vehicle counts as being in base contact. Only a single ork may try to hold him back.
Yes, the wurrd will jump off thrusting vehicles to charge if need be. He's just that hyped.
If the psychic test fails, the wurrd gets the bonus stats but also suffer from stupidity until his next turn.

5: 'Hand of gorkamorka' A ghostly apparition of a green fist slams down and smites those that deserve it.
Roll a psychic test. If it succeeds, the wurrd may nominate a point within 12". Scatter a strength 3 stikkbomb blast from that
point as if the wurrd was throwing a stikkbomb. This doesn't count as the wurrd shooting and he may act normally this turn.
If the test fails, as above but the origin point is automatically the wurrd himself.

6: 'Zaaaaap!!!!' With a crackling stream of green lightning and odd goo, a thunderclap strikes from the wurrd.
Roll a psychic test. If it fails, roll a scatter die. Any targets in a straight line 12" that way takes a 2d6-2 strength hit
with a penetration of -2. On a double, the wurrd takes the hit as well.
If the psychic test succeeds, the wurrd nominates a target within 12". The wurrd then decides the strength of the attack, up
to max 10.
The wurrd then rolls that many dice, if any one of them is a 1, the wurrd takes the hit as well.
Otherwise this attack has strength X and -2 armour penetration.

7: 'SQUIIIIIIG!!!' An explosion, violent transformations and with odd squeaky noises like rubber, someone is turned into
a rampaging and rather angry squig.
Roll a psychic test. If it succeeds, nominate 2 targets within 12". Randomize which one is turned into a squig. This even works
on vehicles.
If the psychic test fails, the/an opponent nominates 2 targets within 12". Otherwise just as above.
A target which is turned into a squig is so permanently. Squigs cannot carry equipment nor can they talk, which can complicate
certain tasks.
The model remains fully in the previous owners control. If it was terrain or a non-player controlled model it becomes a new mob
preferably controlled by a new player.
The model now has this profile.
Move Ws Bs S T W I A Ld
Squig 6 X X-3 X-1 4 X X+1 X X-1

Any X refers to the models current stat in this regard, in case of vehicles, other machines or terrain. X equals to 3. A value
below 0 is 0.
Any models on a vehicle turned into a squig safely plonks down on the ground as part of the transformation mucks about with gravity.
For simplictity, squigs can do all tasks they could do before (such as driving or riding) but cannot hold weapons or shields.
Any bioniks or similar upgrades are lost, but so is all old wounds and lost arms and the like. Also its equipment is lost.
Nobs who become squigs have problems shouting properly and will have a hard time holding his station.
A squig nob must have 2 leadership more than others instead of 1 to not incur a challenge for ownership of the mob.

Wurrd stuff.
Weirdboyz use a myriad of odd totems and trinkets to help them in their quest to avoid psychic mishaps.
Wurrds may buy this in mektown. NOT when creating a mob.

Copper rod: 5 teef. The copper rod is a two-handed weapon that confers +1 strength. Its best usage however is to help
mitigate the rampant powers of da waaaagh.
When rolling psychic tests, the entire roll may be re-rolled once per scenario. The staff can be permanently destroyed to let the
wurrd re-roll a second time in a scenario.

Red shroom: 3 teef. These mystical red shrooms are hallucogenic and rare. ONE can be used for free each time the wurrd rolls
his rampant power test. He will get +1 on the roll for the effect. A wurrd can have 3 red shrooms. Using one is permanent.

Mystikal hood: 1 teef. A hood which makes the wurrd look all mysterious and creepy. Other orks trust him even less now.
Against psychic attacks, the wurrd gets a special armour save of 6 which cannot be negated. If the save is passed, the hood loses its
mystikal properties and rules-wise is destroyed.

Yes, these are some of my shorter stuff.


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I suspect that adding to the Vault is blocked while your status is still only Juve, to prevent spammers. You should be able to upload resources once you're more established though.
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Jan 22, 2022
I helped brainstorm some of these ideas.

We used the Wurd once he tried to gnaw on one of my Cuttas the Snots onboard where terrified before they put him out of his missery
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Nov 23, 2020
I suspect that adding to the Vault is blocked while your status is still only Juve, to prevent spammers. You should be able to upload resources once you're more established though.

Well, just gotta figure out how to get through that step :p

Guess it's just writing posts.