N18 KT Inq Autoscrivener

Jan 20, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK, USA
I'm making the Kill Team Inquisition Henchmen as a gang in N23. They wouldn't be a campaign gang, more of a skirmish or arbitrator tool. As such, all pre/post-battle actions and items that apply to out-of-battle activity will have no effect. The Inquisition KT has that Autoscrivener, basically a servitor scribe, no offensive weapons but support abilities in KT. Was looking for equipment that might fit him, but the few things that might are Ratskin Map or Guilder Cartograph, and frankly they suck. Can anyone suggest any wargear/items for this fighter or should I just give it the ol' heave-ho?
the autoscrivener is just a 'pen pusher' , of course it all depends where he pushes it and how hard.
perhaps a las knife for sharpening his pencil , or 'counts as' chainsword document shredder?
One of the guild entourages has a scrivener in the party that this would be perfect for. Maybe iron guild.
That model and the gun servitor is almost the entire reason I got that box.