N18 Law and Misrule - 1k Delaque


Jun 3, 2018
Brisbane City QLD, Australia
Hi all,

New Law & Misrule campaign starting in a few weeks, and after 3 campaigns of Cawdor I figured I'd try out my first loves again.

Campaign Rules:
1. No Expansion/Justice phases
2. Yes, intrigues. House favours, are at Campaign Tyrants discretion (assuming as a catchup mechanic)
3. Tactics cards are chosen as per scenario rules from a pre-prepared deck of 15 cards.
4. Each week will have a maximum Gang Rating allowed in the scenario.
5. Unpainted models start with Gunk and always revealed during PB
6. Rackets are not won and lost through battles
7. Everyone starts with Spire Patronage instead of Settlement
8. Only alliances available are Nobles.
9. At the end of a battle, any model worth 450+ credits will be seconded by the noble houses on a 4+ and leave the guild.

Trading Post Rules
1. No gang may have more than one (1) copy of the same illegal/rare item
2. Equipment purchased from other players counts as Rare/Illegal for the above (i.e. escher drugs)
3. Boning Swords are Rare (9)
4. Ablative Overlay is one use and must be purchased after each battle.


So onto my gang ideas. I've been aiming to start with 6-7 + Worm to keep my initial painting count manageable. I've really wanted to try and include as make use of the Psychoteric Powers and new stuff as much as possible but I can't decide between 3 load outs, so figured I'd ask the Hive Mind. I also wanted to play with a smaller, elite gang as opposed to hordes of cheap chaff like I have been. Winning would be nice, but I am also not out to go 6-0 over the course of the campaign. I always liked the idea of campaign shenanigans like selecting scenarios, screwing with rep etc.

I've got the N17 and House of Shadows Delaque cards. I'm quite happy to forgo using Infiltrate skill, and try and use Tactics Cards/Rackets etc to get infiltrate.

I've previously run Gauntlet leader, Long rifle overwatcher, and infiltrating web gun, meltagun specialist (using Faceless card)

Option 1 - Shotgun leader, gauntlet Phantom

I really like the idea of trying to combine a quick moving web pistol w/ Eternal Slumber. I've heard good things about Overwatch + Executioner Ammo. I figure Spring Up is optimal on Nacht-Ghul but I like the idea of getting him a Blind Snake Pouch for 5+ dodge, followed by armour and giving him a Frenzon Collar for Nerves of Steel to create a Eversor Assasin Lite.

Option 2 - Psyker Phantom

Again, I really wanted to play with the idea of as much psyker powers as possible. I just feel like this is probably the weakest of the builds. Couldn't decide on a skill for Phantom, Psi-touched for minimal risk of explosions. Fake Out to try and get scenarios that are as beneficial to my small numbers as possible or Rumour Monger to build Rep as quick as possible.

Option 3 - Web Gauntlet MoS, Shotgun Phantom

I feel like this is probably a better spread of skills, Flashbangs on Nacht-Ghul so that if for whatever reason he can't get a charge off he can try and remove ready markers and set himself up for a charge the following turn.


Another idea I had was to ditch the Nacht-Ghul initially, take two phantoms initially. 1 being a shotgun over watch and the second either an infiltrating long rifle or Spatial Psychosis spammer.

Anyway, sorry for the wordy post. Look forward to whatever people come up with or suggest and many thanks.
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Links don't work? It just takes me to the main Underhive Tools page...
My bad.
I deleted them played a couple of one offs and am mostly settled on this.

Unsure about the phantom though feels like a waste but trying to squeeze in the new skills and psykers.

Web pistol into Eternal Slumber was pretty great. It amounted into 6XP for the model in one round.

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