N18 Law & Misrule - Multi-Player Games vs Rackets

Mar 31, 2019
So my and our first campaign (and our first games) are currently scheduled to start this Saturday, and it's going to be a Law & Misrule campaign where everyone is an outlaw due to the narrative. Basically after this first multi-player Gang Moot, everyone will have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and be forced into being Outlaw until later on in the story.

The thing is, given how we live 4 hrs apart and I THINK we will want to generally lean towards doing larger/longer multi-player games (one each time), I'm not sure how to distribute Rackets. The campaign seems to just assume everyone does 1-1 fights, and then gains control of the racket in question upon challenging folks. But I intend for this to be more of a PvE (with PvP being optional in side missions) campaign. I'm really hoping this doesn't break things too much but at the moment I can't see how it would.

So in weeks like this first one where we have multi-player matches (with 4-6 players idk yet), I just make sure after each week, 50% of all players somehow get one racket? Or what do I *really* need to stick to in order to make this campaign work?
You would have to make up your own system. My group a few years ago abandoned rackets/territories completely and rewrote the entire campaign. I think we ended up with multi-player battles not having an effect on resources.

I think this topic is universal and not specific to rackets or law and misrule campaign.
Fair enough; though I think I might just treat rackets differently and not actually make up my own entirely different system, just a tweaked one as such:

1) I won't treat rackets as a criteria for 'winning'
2) They may not be THE objective of a battle
3) They can still provide all the benefits, but will just be awarded narratively etc.
4) Other players can challenge or find other ways of taking rackets

All RPG-like, I imagine. I don't see that as 'breaking' a law and misrule campaign, no?
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