LDZA, A tale of five DayZ Survivors



The playground is most excellent. Now it just needs Karen "I told you that playground was dangerous!" Buzzkill and her long suffering husband, Harold "Yes Dear." Buzzkill to stand outside the chainlink fence and fret while the children get eaten.
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I only needed 6, but got carried away:

Not the 7 I needed:

But I now have all the ‘characters’ for Warlord Games’ Project Z

Not the 4 I needed:

But I now have enough Gang Prospects for Warlord Games’ Project Z!

Not the 11 I needed:

But I now have a nice selection of survivors for Warlord Games’ Project Z!!!

Not the 6…..wait….here they are!!:

Except for the big guy in the middle (that’s me 🙂 ), this is the last call for any Yak wishing to put their name to one of the minis, and help me with whatever merciless thugs do in the apocalypse!
The Shotgun Wedding Tragedy at The Twin Peaks Mall: part 1

Just outside the Twin peaks mall, there is a small chapel that, is completely legal for this state, helps folks tie the knot, no questions asked.
Everyone had turned into work on the day the world went to ruin, but with the shutters down and the decorative shotguns loaded, they had survived the immediate chaos.
But sleazy wedding venue vending machines only last so long, and so they head to the Mall, the obvious place for supplies:

The doors are open, but there’s nobody around

A slight breeze whispers through the eerie, otherwise stale facility

Only the occasional chain rattle of swings can be heard outside

But the shotgun crew arnt the only ones around…

As they get further in, they hear shuffling, and the occasional groan. They also hear running and gunshot in the far distance, hunger pushes them onward.
Hope I didn’t get eaten by zombies! I didn’t, did I? @radulykan ? Did you let me get eaten?!?
You got further than most. But let's see if you make the CaptainDangeroustm batreps. Most of the named characters got extra attention.
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Part 2

Unbeknown to the captains crew, more survivors are just around the corner

Byron hears footsteps and talking, so goes to investigate

“Friendly?” He shouts. But instantanly realises he’s made a mistake.


Two dogs shoot past the corridor, Ninja and Ryan fire their shotguns in panic, but fail to find a target.

In another corridor, the Captain, Alan and Freddy come across their first zombie face to face!

It scratches Alan, but the Captain takes it down with his club.

The noise of the shotguns draws the attention of nearby zombies, Ninja and Ryan fight to escape.

Freddy breaks into a shop and is just about to grab some much needed loot, but in panic, gives it a forlorn glance as he runs away with the rest of the crew.

Alan makes it to an ammo crate, opens it quickly to inspect the goods, but is unsuspectingly shotgun blasted at point blanc! He gets away, but one of his eyes are a mess!