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Leader Only...

Discussion in 'Rules, Mechanics & Skills' started by trollmeat, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. trollmeat

    trollmeat Hive Guilder
    Yak Comp 2nd Place

    So, the Leader has access to a bunch of skill tables that others have to roll 2 or 12 New Skill - Any Table,.. With so many options, why don't we give the Leader even more things to choose from? :-D

    Below are some (overpowered) quick thoughts on a Leader Only skill table, that the Leader can only access when rolling a 2 or 12... for non-outlander gangs :)

    1) Stubborn.
    The first time the Leader would make a bottle test in each battle they may roll 3D6 instead of 2D6, and choose which two to use for the result.

    2) Marketeer.
    If a Leader with this skill goes to the Market they are always offered the maximum number of trades.

    3) Headstrong.
    The Leader's command bubble is extended by 2" when checking to see if friendly models can unpin early.

    4) Instructor.
    If you win the battle, the Leader may donate any extra experience it would gain from scenario leader bonuses to a friendly model that ended the battle within its command bubble, as long as neither model went out of action and this would not increase the other model's total experience above the Leader's.

    5) ...
    In scenarios that limit the nunber of models that may participate, when the leader is placed on the field it may place another friendly model, whose total cost & experience is lower than the Leader's, within its command radius. This may increase the model limit by +1.

    6) ...
    In the post battle sequence, if the Leader participated in the battle, did not go out of action & the battle was won, it may take a Ld test. If passed then the gang may wash its income on the tier below what its number of models would dictate. If the gang it outlawed then the cost to feed each ganger is reduced by 1 cred.

    .oO(trollmeat awaits the flames)
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  2. Outlaw Elvis

    Outlaw Elvis Ganger

    Interesting idea, but not sure I'd risk rolling for these,

    Stubborn, I'd rather roll on ferocity for iron will

    Marketeer I'd be torn with rolling on techno for fixer

    Head strong maybe

    Instructor maybe ( although could be that if they both pass a leadership test, instructor and student, he can teach them in an area he has advanced in, or one of his skills?)

    No.6 at the very best is would gain you 30 credits (that's max gang members and income) so not sure I'd risk rolling on the table for that.
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  3. Ben_S

    Ben_S Hive Guilder

    Instructor seems very situational, as you have to win the scenario and have a model you want in the command bubble.

    5 sounds like it could be good, but does depend on the scenario. Very handy for a Shoot Out say.
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  4. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    @tribeof1 , @Tiny , @Blood Donor Any others in the imunda crew we think should look, please summon.

    I think these look fun, not too powerful as they stand (for reasons others have said), meaning for necromunda... I'd be taking shooting everytime if I didnt usually have access, or one of the existing skill tables if I had usual access to it with my leaders, however for Imunda these look like potentials for elites level skill tree? thoguhts?

    And for necro leaders... I'd either take the 'best' skills from every table that you would want for a leader and say on a 2/12 they can roll on this best of the best table, OR make these a bit more powerful to address the points others have said.
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  5. p0dde

    p0dde Gang Champion
    Yak Philanthropist

    I like it! The skills are all good, and it gives me an incentive to not choose good ol' boring Techno. My brain says "get medic!" My heart says "have some fun".

    At first glance:

    Stubbon: Seems fine. For a Leader Skill Group there should be something bottle roll related. And I like that Iron Will is stille better that Stubbon, so the leader skills won't cannibalize ferocity as much.

    Marketeer: The D3 rare trades is always 3. it is neat and effective, but could maybe be a little more dynamic? (suggestion: If the leader didn't of OOA, the price of the first rare item offered is halved?)

    Headstrong could be increased to +3" Not sure? it's like Impetuous, the two extra inches never really do anything? But on the other hand, not all skills need to be good.

    And to clarify, Instructor can only be used with the +10 xp Winning Gang Leader, that most scenarios have? This seems like you do not need the limitations on distance and not being Down/OOA? You can still learn from a battle even if you go out of actions, So I would just say, "Any model with xp lower then the leader, can get the 10 xp". (EDIT: or maybe say, any fighter below the rank of Gang Champion?)

    Unnamed #5: I am thinking that an Ld. test would be in place, before it works. It would stop me from spamming Shootout, as I would not be guaranteed the +1 fighter advantage.

    Unnamed #6: maybe you get 5-10 credits, not too exciting, but ok.
    #5 p0dde, Aug 14, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
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  6. trollmeat

    trollmeat Hive Guilder
    Yak Comp 2nd Place

    Thank you for the helpful replies.

    Always try to start out weak & then tweak, when mucking about with rules, glad to see that everyone is uttery underwhelmed by these :)

    I wanted to include something that was Ld/Bottle based to flesh out the list,.. but it has to not stack horribly with Iron Will (which is, in this iteration, a far better skill.

    The other version of Stubborn that I felt might be a bit too strong also became a bit too complicated [edit] and I typed it up wrong when I posted this 2nd reply [/edit]

    Fixer gives +1 to the roll, so you would be offered 2-4 things. Marketeer would always offer 3 and could be combined with Fixer for always 4. In my (not so humble) opinion, Fixer is the Naff skill* for Techno, but thematically having something similar that could be combined would work well for this table.

    *bearing in mind that I usually lose battles, get outlawed and never have any creds.

    I have often had models just outside the 4" command bubble, so thought increasing it to 6 might actually make a difference. An alternative might be to straight up make the Leader's bubble = their Ld, but that would be massive...

    Yep. Fair enough. Should prolly just be can give the +10 to any model that participated that is under the rank of gang champion.

    Unnamed #5
    Really quite unsure on this, was hoping to do something with either increasing number of models or modifying the scenario roll... please feel free to offer alternative suggestions on this one :-D

    Unnamed #6 - income
    Very reluctant to modify income, in general, but felt that something along those lines would be thematic for a Leader Table... Getting this ability, as it stands, might encourage people to increase gang size, but *shrugs*
    #6 trollmeat, Aug 15, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
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  7. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    #5 could be you get d3 followers? like dogs, or a pet ripper or whatever?

    I really like #6, its a different way to do stuff but really helps I think.

    I'd up headstrong to 8" but then I like the idea of a fiery wannabee redemption priest type cawdor leader urging his followers onwards, and am a sucker for a decent cult of personality gang.

    #1 might read better as 'the first bottle roll the leader is required to take he makes on 3d6 and chooses the lowest' if you're aiming for it being one use?
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