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Oct 30, 2016
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Admittedly, havnt gotten very far considering Iv been enthralled for a couple of years now! Also got the rules box that came out that had no minis, but soo pleased I picked it up when I did!
Really love the Reaver Titan, but depending on how much of a price hike they will be when they move to nu-epic, I’m likely just to put what I have together and use parts to scratch build some ’counts as’ Ork Gargants! (My initial idea when I first got sucked in)
im slightly sad Iv kinda missed the titan train, but on the plus side, what is already established, is really solid and as long as I get just one game against @radulykan i will be able to enter silicon heaven in peace!

I hope you all enjoy my efforts at big stompy robots!
For Reavers I can heartily recommend these to help with magnetising the arms (The top weapon has magnet 'holes' already), and similarly these for warhounds. Neither of those two titans magnetise particularly well without these, but Warlords, Warmasters, and Warbringers do just fine out-the-box.
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Happy to see you start on titanicus, I don’t seem to have recorded my progress on it, maybe that’ll change now you’re posting regular updates in here? 😀
Currently working on my final(for this legio anyway) 3 warlords, looking forward to that glorious day in the far future where we can match Titan against Titan, ending in a cascade of exploding plasma reactors 😀
@JayTee The problem with those arm pieces is they don’t really allow for swapping close combat weapons. I magnetised the shoulder joint rather than the elbow
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I magnetised both shoulder and elbow so it's in theory fully-flexible. But yeah that's a notable deficiency with those, you need to shave-down/cut the ball joint to add a magnet which isn't too hard but involves fiddling with Resin.

One tip on Reaver assembly: C27 on the Powerfist is an alternative piece to use the Powerfist without the cables which aids magnetisation. There should be a similar item on the Chainfist (My chainfist assembly instructions have gone walkies...).

Oh and test-fit the feet first! Reaver legs are a total nightmare to get right if you try and pose them differently. They do pose differently, but you can end up with the armour plates being really awkward (I've had to trim down one of the piston-things as I posed a foot differently).
Magnets?!? PAH!
Death or Glory for my lads, they will be armed for posterity! Tho I will make a conscious effort to pair weapons so that iv got a nice mix across the legio.
My grand plan, was to have enough for two maniples, one geared towards close assault and the other for mid/longer range. But my inspiration (and colour schemes) will be based on these:
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@CaptainDangerous I'm using the same adapters as @JayTee, they work quite well. And definitely follow his advice on assembling the Reaver close combat weapons if you're going to magnetize, which IMO you should. The Titans are a significant financial investment and unless you have a really fat bank account, I think are too expensive to build as static loadouts. Especially with new weapons options coming out (at least for the Warhounds for now).

And the Reaver is definitely my favorite too. 🙂
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It‘ll be ‘my own’ as in the ones shown afew posts up.
To expand on the grand plan, and my head canon so far, is that House Nexus (green) and House Karn (red) are both Vassals to House Gryphonicus and embody their warrior ways. And if I manage to complete my mission of two complete maniples with knights in tow, then I’ll paint up a Warlord in the actual Gryphonicus scheme to act as their handler.

prospective list:

house nexus (gryphonicus special speedy reaver rule*):
Reaver 1- power fist+ laser blaster
Reaver2 - power fist+ gatling blaster
reaver 3 - power fist + melta cannon
reaver 4 - chainfist + gatling blaster
reaver 5 - chainfist + melta cannon

5 knights, mixed weapons

house Karn (Gryphonicus special tough guy reaver rule*):

Reaver1: volcano cannon +laser blaster
reaver 2- volcano cannon +Gatling blaster
reaver 3- volcano cannon + melta cannon
reaver 4- laser blaster + Gatling cannon
reaver 5- laser blaster +melta cannon

5 knights, mixed weapons

House Gryphonicus (bonus):

Warlord - plasma cannon + power claw + turbo lasers
2 knights - act as Squad leaders for the vassal knights
4 Warhounds (super bonus)

*the captain is too lazy to get his book to find the rules.
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I’d not really looked at the gryphonicus rules, I reckon a fortis maniple for the up armoured guys would be fun, massed unusually tough shooty reavers should be fun, especially with five rapid close combat ones barrelling at you
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The War Gryphons are duellists. They get bonuses for "challenging" a single opponent, and lose those bonuses if another friendly 'assists'. So very much one on one combat for them.

I'm doing House Terryn for my Knights and Legion Astorum (Warp Runners) as my Titan Legion.

I'm going to do an additional small unit of Knights as House Taranis, and a very few Titans as Legio Ignatum (Fire Wasps) for Legions Imperialis. Taranis blue and white, along with Ignatums red and yellow will contrast nicely with my Salamanders Astartes.
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Probably shouldn’t show you this then…

Having now made one, I am happy to be humbled, and now agree with the previous magnetising statements.
Iv just tacked them in place for this pic, but I feel iv seen the light about having options, considering how easily the arm sockets connect!
Can’t say it was particularly fun putting him together, but I absolutely love the end result! My brain just won’t allow me to see it as a 5” £30 plastic figure, but insists it is a sky scraper sized god of war and destruction that I totally need more of!!

And a little unexpected bonus, I really love, what I can only think to call, his Reaver butt hole:

I Can imagine some crazy thunderbirds style entry! Slide straight up there head first like a suppository! F.A.B.