Legio Dangonicus

It’s the hate from putting them stupid toes together!

Nice find! It’s almost exactly what I had in mind, with the exception that my guys flipped sides mid heresy and are now under the leadership/scrutiny of Gryphonicus. As a sign of shame, they have been forbidden naming their Titans, and are merely known by the number of enemy they fell!

Mini update:
I’m currently undercoating them but here’s an impromptu group pic:
Well, I completely failed my 24hr sub challenge, but progress has been made however:

I’m feeling slightly frustrated by that my local hobby shop hasn’t bothered with Nu-epic or that they havnt restocked any titanicus! Can’t say I blame them, but i really don’t want to pay actual prices! 😋😄
From what I’ve been picking up across the few social media things I’m on, it could be more that they’ve tried but GW isn’t cooperating.
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<bass drum beat> DUM DUM-DUM DUM DUMM

With a little help from a yak, my warlord has a volcano cannon, thus making him the legendary Titan Belator Magno!

He will be painted as legio gruphonicus, with a small nod to the vassal houses on his ‘tilting shields)
Iv also picked up another box of questoris knights, but they’re still to make.

I actually enjoyed making him better than the reavers, but I don’t plan on getting any more.