LGT 2019 registration thread!!!!!


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Feb 8, 2013
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@SimonM , you are aware all gangs have 1500 creds to spend right? your current list is a fair bit below that.

Once you've joined the campaign I should be able to edit your gang, so will see if I can get those skills where they should be.

Edit: also, I don;t believe you can have overseer on a ganger or your champion. You'll need to change Abishad Lark's and Cornelio Ballesta's skill to one from their primary table. Also the case with the iron jaw (ferocity) on your champs which is a secondary skill for them not primary
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Aug 3, 2016
Work cancelled at last minute so I will be there. Had assumed I wouldn't be available so the painting schedule for my new gang got pushed back to mankymeet. So it looks like "The Helot's Front" will be making a return. Have created gang sheet will fill in tomorrow.
Also can I bring chaos spawn?