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Discussion in 'LGT Necromunda Event' started by Malo, May 17, 2018.

  1. Malo

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    Over the weekend of May 18th the first Necromunda event with the London Grand Tournament (LGT) was held. Arbitrated and managed on the days of the event by our own Tristan Hayward (@spafe), and presented by YakTribe, this marked our first Necromunda event outside of our community TribeMeet events. We were honored to be able to represent our beloved game at the tournament and create a fun and rewarding event for the participants.

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  2. Scavvierising

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    Just a thanks to the tribe and spafe for putting on a good show.
    Good people
    Good games
    Good gangs
    Good tables
    Mediocre food
    = Good times
    And a shout out to all who took part, may your heavy stubbers never run dry.
  3. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
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    Cheers mate, Glad you enjoyed it! Congrats on the win!

    The helots really did a number in that final with the beast bomb!
  4. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
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    I can't wait to hear of all the details! I wish I could have been there. Lot's of great photos and I'll follow-up with official announcements soon.
  5. So sorry I couldn't be there day 2, will make sure that doesn't happen again next year! Can't wait to see the photos and announcements.
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  6. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
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    Yeah mate, it was a shame you couldn't make the Sunday, you were doing so well!

    Hope all is well with you though
  7. Yeah I was gutted as felt like I was in it! I'm fine though thank you and apologies i couldn't get a message to you.

    I am hoping to organise a Necromunda narrative weekender/one dayer at Magic Madhouse (who were the retailer upstairs from our hall). It's where our club meets regularly in Hackney Wick. Would love it if I could get the tribe behind the event and even supporting it! Would be for charity. Could I email yourself over some initial thoughts and if so what's the best address?

  8. thanejaw

    thanejaw Juve

    Just to echo those thoughts, had a blast - thanks for the games and the organisation everyone. Definitely up for a narrative one dayer if there’s one going!
  9. Awesome! I will post a thread up soon, still need to book a date in with the venue. I will definitely need terrain support so all help will be welcome.
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  10. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
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    That sounds great, there's some guys here that would probably love to get involved in some more events. Send me anything over to malo at yaktribe.games
  11. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
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    Glad to hear it wasn't anything serious (and that you hadn't just had enough of us! :p). No worries at all mate.

    Happy to hear you enjoyed it. Makes it worthwhile :)
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  12. I've pinged you an email, thank you!
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  13. Fold

    Fold Gang Hero

    Red slayer - what club do you go to at MM? I don’t recognise your handle so presumably not Tanelorn (on Sundays) but we have quite a lot of Necromunda terrain and hosted the Yakday last year. Perhaps we could team up...
  14. Angel Wargamers and, yes, that sounds like a plan!
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  15. Bizteck

    Bizteck New Member

    To be very boring and repeat whats been said I had a bloody blast all weekend. Next year I promise I wont be so Bloodbowl obsessed and actually play a few games before hand which will..........A : Let me recall which model is which and B read the Fking scenario properly !!!!
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  16. Ml2sjw

    Ml2sjw Gang Champion

    Looks like a really good event. I'm hoping next year real life won't be as hectic and I can carve out a weekend!
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  17. Llewy

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    Yak Comp 1st Place

    Hey @Red_Slayer_UK will you set up a thread on yak? That's been really helpful in the lead up to the yak events. I'd like to keep an ear on this :)
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  18. radulykan

    radulykan Gang Hero

    If you can't wait til next year and don't mind playing nce rules then yakday is in September (8-9th)
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  19. Hey!

    Yes I totally will! I'm currently writing a pack and will talk to the venue soon.May look at late this year or even early doors 2019.
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  20. cogetama

    cogetama Ganger

    Are any details on the scenarios used and the gang lists available somewhere? I‘d love to know what the chaos cults looked like.

    Edit: the gangs are listed st the bottom of the article. Please excuse my bad brain,
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