N18 Lightning Reflexes help


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Sep 10, 2022
Hi all,

There's been a disagreement between two of us in our group. As lightning reflexes lets his Escher do a retreat action before I do an attack action or any other actions. My understanding is as part of the retreat I still get to roll to try and hit him on the way out. As those attacks aren't my action, they're part of his. His argument is the skill prevents me from attacking at all. Has anyone been through this before? Thanks
Lightning Reflexes:
-Make a free retreat (basic) action when engaged (before the enemy attacks or any other actions) (max 1 / round)

-The enemy may take an initiative test to make reaction attacks against the retreating fighter

So you are right, if you pass the initiative test you can make your reaction attacks (not: you do not get charging bonuses for reaction attacks. The reaction attacks are part of the Retreat action and not affected by Lightning Reflexes.