List 1 occassion were some very lucky dice rolls almost gave you a massively unfair advantage


Feb 15, 2021
I don't know if this is the right forum but here goes. How about we each list 1 occasion were some of the luckiest if not the luckiest dice rolls you ever made almost gave you a massive unfair advantage in A Necromunda Campaign?

I can't remember whether it was Late June or Early July 1,996, but it was my 2nd 1st edition campaign and when rolling for territories I was lucky enough to roll 3 66's, which means 3 Green Hivers and that means that I could choose 3 of my 5 Territories

Everyone was shocked at my sheer luck but they didn't hold it against me, likely because in the last Campaign 3 of my initial territory rolls were all 11, which means 3 Chem Pits and their the worst territory in the game and the other 2 were Settlement, which is good and can be useful, and Spore Cave, which can earn you 110 Credits but it also has the chance of preventing you from using the person that worked it for a few games

As I was lucky enough to roll 3 66's/Green Hivers, I was well within my rights to take 3 Archeotech Hoards, but that would have given me a massively unfair advantage and not only would it have almost definitely resulted in the campaign being too easy for me it would have almost definitely resulted in most of us having little if any fun

As I was and still am a very nice guy who at times is too nice for his own good I choose to go for 3 territories that all earn you a lot less then A Archeotech Hoard but can still be very useful and that's why I choose 1 Friendly Doc, 1 Guilder Contact and 1 Settlement and The other 2 territories ended up as Water Still and Old Ruins
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Feb 27, 2019
Whilst it might not have given me a significant advantage, I did have a game where a single T3 Neophyte passed all his toughness checks against 2 plasma hits and a melta blast and kept on fighting, didn't seriously affect the outcome of the game but it was quite funny and earned him a nickname.


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Feb 17, 2011
Essex, UK
I rolled up four archeotech hoards for my first ever gang in child-times. But I rolled them up all by myself with no witnesses so my report was not fully trusted. My brother met me in the middle and I kept two.