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Necromunda Living Rulebook Edition 2003

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Malo submitted a new resource:

Living Rulebook Edition - The 2003 Necromunda Underhive Edition

The 2nd release of Necromunda, this was original release as "Underhive" in paper form and later made available free as a PDF by Games Workshop as the Living Rulebook Edition.

It has appeared under several acronyms, including ORB (or Online RuleBook), but is now referred to as the LRB. (ORB is now Original RuleBook, the 1st release).

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Are Necromunda second edition and complementary fanatic magazine articles forgotten?

I keep reading about the first edition than all edition since n17 but very rarely see the 2003 edition.

I played it and it was better in some aspect than the first edition. In other it was poorer.

All in all I truly enjoyed it. So I wonder was it ignored? Forgotten?

I have a very positive view of that edition.