N18 London Necromunda campaign - 11 March

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by SweetOrbMace, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. SweetOrbMace

    SweetOrbMace New Member

    Trouble in Copperton - Launches in Covent Garden, 11 March.

    Violence. Sedition. Mayhem.

    Another day in the Underhive. But something has Imperial House Helmawr worried.

    Now two investigators have been sent down hive and they’re looking for allies...

    So for turf, credits, and the Underhive way choose your side.

    -=Act I - The Search=-
    In this first Act the gangs of Copperton must comb through the Underhive seeking clues to a mystery known only by the secretive Investigators.

    Choose your side, grow your gang and maybe, just maybe, win the favour of Imperial House Helmawr.


    Hello everyone,

    Next week (11 March) is the launch of a new Necromunda campaign at the London Wargaming Guild in Covent Garden. This is going to be a three acts campaign split over three months of murder, mayhem, and... mystery:
    Each act/month will culminate in a narrative scenario, advancing the overall plot and your gangs place in it all.

    Although there will be prizes (see the link below for more details), we are most interested in players participating in a strongly narrative campaign. Although it launches next week and it would be great to have as many people on board by then as possible, there is of course room for people to join as the campaign progresses.

    So, feel welcome and come down. More details for sign up, location, and space for questions are available here: https://www.meetup.com/The-London-Warhammer-Gaming-Guild/events/259189287/
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  2. U0953671

    U0953671 Adeptus Arbite
    Honored Tribesman

    Can't wait for this to get rolling!
  3. IamGrays

    IamGrays New Member

    I am in. Delaque Wraiths will enter the fray.
  4. U0953671

    U0953671 Adeptus Arbite
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  5. IamGrays

    IamGrays New Member

    Great and I love the bus!!!
    GreT and
  6. Scavvierising

    Scavvierising Ganger
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    The bus did provide some very good looking cover for Strong Arm Pat. He came for the pretty lights but stayed for the violence.
  7. U0953671

    U0953671 Adeptus Arbite
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    Just got a heads up on the next round of scenarios. Very exciting!
  8. U0953671

    U0953671 Adeptus Arbite
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    Scenario B: Wolf in Sheeps Clothing...

    "The Attacker must blend in with the locals in an attempt to destroy the water still and generator"

    Attacker deploys as part of a 20 piece civilian crew, noting which civilians are their cleverly disguised gangers.
    The defender must question the civilians in an attempt to oust the wolves among the flock.

    Very fun!
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  9. IamGrays

    IamGrays New Member

    I've read that scenario now and it looks so different and challenging. I am excited for tomorrow night.
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  10. U0953671

    U0953671 Adeptus Arbite
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    Looking forward to seeing the Wraiths debut game ;)
  11. IamGrays

    IamGrays New Member

    Hmmm we will see I am worried about some early high GR's. Fortunately I seem to have avoided that this week.
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