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Feb 5, 2018
Hi, I am pretty new to this but COMPLETELY in love with Necromunda. My friend and I are planning a narrative campaign where his venator gang chases gang leaders across the Underhive. I am planning on preordering the Cawdor Gang tomorrow, but I have a point of frustration:

The preview articles keep mentioning that leaders (and possibly champions) of Cawdor will be able to equip "Long Rifles". What is that? I don't see anything like that on leaked pics of the Cawdor Sprue, and I can't find the weapon in the Armoury. Is it going to be in the kit, is it in another kit or is this a preview of an upcoming FW upgrade?

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Something like a Long Rifle sounds pretty general, like a catch all term, so in terms of modeling something to represent it I think you'd have a lot of freedom to do pretty much whatever you wanted.

Given the Cawdor aesthetic, I picture something like a bolt action type weapon, wrapped in burlap with a crude scope or just basic iron sights. Maybe you could take a 1:35th scale Mosin Nagant rifle and add some greenstuff fabric wrapped around it, with a few other modifications? The Skaven, Empire, and Mechanicum ranges would have GW-based weapons to use as well.
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The Arquebus would look comically long on a Necromunda model, but a regular AdMech Galvanic rifle makes a good option if you remove some of the fancy embossed detail and the muzzle.
Tbh I think the galvanic rifle would work well with only minor tweaking. But I’m currently converting the arquebus to fit a Cawdor model. I know for my VS I’ll be using a long las style weapon :)
I have an engineer sprue kicking around. That sweet long loooooong rifle will be on a Cawdor soon. :D