N18 Looking for Starting Gang lists for intro to Necromunda games


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Mar 16, 2023
Hi All,
I'm looking to introduce some players to Necromunda. I've got a few games under the belt but not expert in the new rules at this stage. I am looking for some basic 'starter' style gang lists primarily from the core house gangs that I could use as options for players so they have some choice of gangs to use?

Is there a website about that has some sample starter gangs?

Or does anyone have some links to gangs on here that would serve well as starter 'taste test' gangs?

Check out Goonhammer. They do good reviews all things Necromunda including all the gangs, clan and otherwise, including a range of starting gangs both "out of the box" and more varied ones. Basic tactics, weapon uses and all sorts. They even have a ordered contents page for necromunda stuff so it is easy to find stuff.
Have fun. 😁
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Most of their gang analysis articles have a couple of gang lists, usually a recommended list if you have a single gang box and then a couple assuming you have access to weapon kits etc

Edit: for example, here's their article on Escher with the gang lists down the bottom

I've been demoing A LOT of Necromunda recently, and quickly built a group of new players.

For a "taste test", definitely start small and simple. 1 fancy Champion and 3 identical Gangers per side is enough. At this scale you can easily demo in a multiplayer situation too.

The mission I've run is simple objective stealing; scatter some loot around the middle of the table, and have players drag it back to their deployment zone. Make sure there's an odd number to help avoid undramatic draws!

Another thing is to get people into the idea it's a campaign game. When a model goes out of action, do the roll and tell them what happens to the fighter. Likewise, let them know when a fighter would be gaining experience.

Eventually they'll want to build their own gang and they can test out 1000c starting lists for a while. This is the stage I'm at now, and everyone's excited to test things out before we jump into the campaign.
There was a project on here once that did just that… around the time of GotU… can’t remember what it was called though. 🙁

Not sure how complete it got mind.