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    Musings seems the best place for this I guess, as while it IS about setting and background, it isn't NECROMUNDA setting and background; and while it is related to Mordheim, it isn't exclusively Mordheim....

    I am looking to put together a cache of Old World setting resources - specifically the "Olde Weirde;s Incunabulum" series from the White Dwarf 200s. To do this in something resembling a sane fashion, however, I'd like to have some sort of "index" of that article series [what subject appeared in what white dwarf issue].

    This is proving surprisingly... difficult.

    The various WD indices that exist around either just list the articles as "Warhammer," or as "Olde Weirde's Incunabulum," but don't mention the subject, and don't even seem to consistently list the article series as one thing or the other.

    Does anyone know of a listing of the Olde Weirde's Incunabulum series? It would be most helpful.
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    Can go through the ones I have ...


    Think I've got about 70% of them.
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