N18 Lore accurate Hotshot.


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Mar 31, 2017
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
How would you go about lore accurate hotshots?

I think that the current profile does not properly represent what a hotshot is.
1). First of all, there are hot-shot power packs, a one-time use battery which is usually used in long-las, but can be used with lasguns, laspistols and even lascarbines. They are very killy and penetrate armour a lot better, but drain all power in a single shot and damage weapon with extended usage.
(screenshots are from OnlyWar RPG)

2). Secondly, lasgun can be fed with a 10kg backpack powerpack, turning it into a hellgun, which allows shooting with 'hot-shots' without having to change a power pack after every shot, while remaining just as killy. The downside is that continuously firing hot-shots will warp your gun's barrel, so it is a very capricious weapon in need of constant maintenance.

So here is my suggestion:
  1. Lasguns can either be equipped with hot-shot power packs, which is a bunch of one-time use batteries. You shoot once and then have to replace the battery. (We've houseruled the possibility to reload Plentiful weapons with Single Shot. So they go like Shoot-Reload-Shoot-Reload etc).
  2. Alternatively, Lasgun can be equipped with a backpack power pack to constantly feed gun with enough energy to hotshot. An ammocheck of 5+ and loss of Plentiful represents that gun's barrel is at constant stress. Also to represent how mean it is and give it an oomph compared to power packs, it has Impale trait to shoot through multiple targets.

Oh, and lasgun's short range becomes 14" instead of 18", because 18" is just overkill in my opinion. What do you think?

(By the way, given that a long-las is essentially a sniper version of a lasgun with hot-shot packs, its profile could be differentiated a long rifle)