N18 Low Powered Campaign concept


Gang Hero
Mar 1, 2017
Death Maidens made from existing deceased fighters do this already, they just replace their profile with the Death Maiden one, keeping all skills they have gained (I think, don't have the book).
That's true, but champion -> Death maiden is possibly a smaller leap. But reassures me I'm heading in right direction.
Urgh just realised I'll need to find a way to introduce HoC/B mid campaign... which is tricky with Juve & escher stats changing etc..

Jacob Dryearth

Gang Hero
Sep 6, 2016
You should probably just not introduce the book mid campaign. If you do, allow players to get full refund for any fighters and equipment they need to sell off to afford fighters with cost changes. Back in the Gang War days of 2018 I allowed everyone to sell equipment back until their house weapon list came out as we weren't really clear on what could be equipped in the future.
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