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Jun 19, 2015
Hi, I am going to make a conversion of Mad Donna from the Escher gang sprue, I don't really like the made to order one and it's a good project to do. I was going to make her rules from the custom Bounty Hunter rules in Gang War 2. It says to pick 3 random skills but I would like 3 that go well with the character. I started reading the book with her in a while ago but I never got round to finishing it, and my memory is a bit sketchy now. So can anyone help with three skills that would reflect her character in the fluff? And is there any other wargear she should have, Chainsword, Plasma Pistol,..?
Going by the old rules, she should have a laspistol, a chainsword and a plasma pistol (and a bionic eye). Her official artwork also has what is clearly a stiletto knife (justified in her background since she worked with an Escher gang for a long time)
She used to have the following skills: Impetuous and Killer Reputation (Ferocity skills), Dodge and Leap (Agility skills). That would translate into Impetuous and Fearsome (Ferocity skills), Dodge and Mighty Leap (Agility skills).
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I'm looking for some feedback on my Mad Donna Rules
So I have gone with the Escher based Bounty Hunter profile for her base, with a +2 to the Ld to make it a 5+

Dodge, Mighty Leap, Impetuous, Fearsome

Weapons + Wargear:
Chainsword, Stiletto Knife, Plasma Pistol, Las Pistol.
Bionic Eye (Photo Goggles) Flak Armour (In the old book Mad Donna doesn’t have armour, but Bounty Hunters and Escher use this)

Base for a Bounty Hunter - 80
Weapons* and Wargear - 110
Increased Ld by 2 - 20
Extra Skill - 20
Total 230
* The Chainsword doesn’t have a cost I can find, but through some maths with Gor Half Horn I think it costs 20 credits

Mad Donna also has these 2 Special Rules in the old book.

"Psycho-Bitch. All the stories about Mad Donna dwell at
great length on what a sadistic, homicidal maniac she was
and the truly horrible things she did to her enemies. If Mad
Donna takes an opposing model down or out in hand-to
and combat and there is no-one else within her fo1low-up
move distance(which is 4" because of her Impetuous skill),
leave the unfortunate victim down in base-to-base contact
with her.
In this and each subsequent hand-to-hand combat phase roll
on the Serious Injury Chart for the victim and apply the
result immediately, unless it's a 61 to 66. In the latter case
Mad Donna loses interest and makes her follow-up move
anyway. If Mad Donna starts her turn with an enemy model
within charge distance or having been pinned she can make
a Leadership test on 2D6. If she passes she will abandon her
victim and continue fighting."

"Hunted. Because of her activities uphive, Donna was
always a hunted woman, and mostly kept out of sight by
sticking with obscure and little known gangs..To represent
this roll a D6 before any game in which Mad Donna is on
one side. On a roll of 6 the opposing gang gets a free
Bounty Hunter joining them for the duration of the game,
even if they already have a Bounty Hunter in the gang. If the
gang with Donna in it has a higher gang rating than their
opponents by 500 points or more, add +1 to the dice roll; by
1.000 or more add +2 to the dice roll."

To represent these, I think these rules should be:
Psycho-Bitch: If Mad Donna takes an enemy Out of Action, roll twice on the Serious Injury Table and apply both.
Hunted: If Mad Donna is included in your party, before the game your opponent rolls a D6, on a 6 they receive a free Bounty Hunter for that mission in addition to any that they may already have. If the Gang with Donna has a higher Gang rating of 500 add +1 to the roll, and 2+ for a gang rating of over 1000.



(Apologies if I have violated any site forum rules. I couldn't find a guideline, and the rules and the use of the bad word are copied from the Outlanders book I got from this site, so I decided it was probably ok to use them)