Made to Order


Gang Hero
Nov 22, 2011
I can't find the new models thread but, in any case, this isn't really new models. The Dark Vengeance models - including the OOP cultists - are currently up for order (£85):

Maybe we can use this thread to spread news of other interesting made to order reissues.
Now I just need someone to not want the cultist models in that set, so I can buy them off them...

Ironically, I have the rest of DV still on sprue, just not interested in chaos space marines or dark angels.


Gang Hero
Oct 31, 2013
That’s an interesting development. They must have archived the old mould for them. I often wondered why they never split these sets up in such a way as to be able to release them after the main box is OOP as an army starter set. Dark Vengeance had some decent stuff as did Black Reach. Someone that Ork stuff would have been useful like the deffcopta or plastic warboss!


Hive Guilder
Honored Tribesman
Jul 26, 2015
Southampton, UK
They did re-release WFB 8th edition and the 1st AoS starter as 'start collecting' boxes. One problem with the 40k ones is that the two factions were mixed up on the same sprues, so it wouldn't be possible to do just the Chaos side or even just the cultists without tooling new molds.