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Dec 29, 2012
So at this years Tribemeet I decided we needed to repair the ageing dilapidated mess that is @MancInventor ….‘s THUNDERCUBE 🤣

As is tradition the existing THUNDERCUBE was built prior to the 2019 Tribemeet and painted in a frenzied late night sponge painting session the night before - but I think it’s about time we gave the old girl some love!!

I’ve got the excellent and well painted base plates built by @MancInventor but we decided that the stands were past saving following several house moves also some of the seating arrangements were a little let’s just say rustic. So I’m going to start with remaking the stands.

However what do you want to see in the THUNDERCUBE? I’ll start;

1) Must use ORB bulkheads. (I have the 12 solid ones I’ll need thanks @spafe )
2) Standard size interchangeable - Advertizing hoardings, GW shipping container food halls and death pits - so peeps can make them as competition entry’s.
3) What else?
@Fat Charlie spot light towers sound awesome - I’ve sketched up some basic ideas, I’m thinking the stands need to be split into walls and corners that I was going to join with magnets. The corner sections also need to be entrance tunnels.
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And they could mount on top of the entry tunnels in the corners, so killing two birds with one stone.

How about a skybox for the troll king or Captain clone or other “dignitaries” to sit in? Nothing too crazy high up so it blocks Yakkers from accessing the game floor.
Subbuteo makes me remember they did stadiums at one point. Their stands were also in straights and corners and some were double height and included an entrance point for the players.

What could be a starting point is some of these MDF paint racks that already come in straights and corner sections, like this:


Or @Fat Charlie could probably whip up similar minus the holes - maybe with a way to add another level above??

As for the gaming area, perhaps you could work your electronic magic with the spike pits so they have pulsing red lights?
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