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Making Gorkamorka slim bases with resin

Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Thrakka, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Thrakka

    Thrakka Juve

    Well a month back I got the gorkamorka bug and have been buying all kinds of old stuff off of eBay the problem I've had is lack of bases for the stuff I've been getting.
    So as usual I went on ebay and found limited amount and the ones I found were expensive.
    So as the saying goes necessity breeds invention.
    It's easy to do and quick as the resin sets pretty fast I found some pound shop two part resin for, you guessed it £1...before that all I did was fill a lid with standard silicon about £1.50 a tube from a builders merchant. I then used a coffee jar lid and filled it with silicon smoothed it flat and poked the original gw base into the silicon and waited for the silicon to set. Be careful when removing the original base once set as the silicon may tear so take your time once out you have a mould that you can use as often as you need.
  2. Oddsox

    Oddsox Ganger

    Fanastic idea mate! I would love a step by step guide with a few pictures?
  3. Thrakka

    Thrakka Juve

    Yesh I'll sort that soon
  4. Yeoman

    Yeoman Ganger
    Yak Supporter

    Are they heavy enough to hold the miniatures standing?
  5. Thrakka

    Thrakka Juve

    They are pretty much the same weight so they will hold the miniture
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  6. Ezaviel

    Ezaviel Juve

    That's an awesome idea. It drives me nuts that I have more Gorkamorka orks than I do bases (so many old metal models going around ebay with the wrong bases :( )

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