MaliGn tried to stick with Necromunda for a bit

The Harridans are realky coming along and that Ambot rocks. These girls could do really well in a campaign.

Thanks, I've been enjoying the project, I think I need a few more basic Gang Sisters before they are really appropriate to launch a campaign, but they certainly have the options for things to add as one progresses now!

Tomorrow they will get their first public showing as I am intending to take them to my local store's parade day.

Here's a quick reference pic I took of my planned setup.

Fabulous show case for the girls, I especially love the graffiti of the dead bird, nice touch.

So the display picked up the best of the rest at the parade day, bagging me a framed ad mech/genestealer cult art print.

The "Dead Bod" graffiti is based on a real-world piece that has become an iconic image of Hull in East Yorkshire. This was my homage to it having lived in the city for best part of a decade in my early 20s.

I'm working on some explanation as to why my particular corner of the Underhive has become known as the UnderHull - possibly to do with the remains of an ancient spacecraft that has become incorporated into the hive city after some forgotten incident.
Right so the dead bod graffiti came with the space ship fro Hull. Makes sense because I am not sure too many necromundans would even know what a bird looked like. Other than razor wings I suppose.
I'm working on some explanation as to why my particular corner of the Underhive has become known as the UnderHull

I always liked naming bits of the hive after local areas, ever since reading in an old WD about the settlements named after Nottingham locales. Sadly, I never had that much imagination. It took me surprisingly long to come up with 'Slag Gates' (based on Stag Gates in Southampton) and that really should be obvious.
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So after a hiatus having a go at display-level painting in 75mm scale (an entertaining diversion that has taught me I want to take painting lessons to really git Gud)and then making the start on building Exodite Eldar using Escher parts to kitbash with (new year new army?) I am trying to clear my painting backlog (only about 7/8 things (maybe a few more)) so picked up those Little Sisters I was working on some time back and started working on them.

Here's how I got on:

Obviously lots left to do, but it was quite fun.
I have linked up with a group planning a campaign and will hopefully get to blood the Underhive Harridans!

Since I might actually have to play some games I realised I rather needed some gang sisters with lasguns so I built something that's been on the "to-do" list for a while:

Continuing the theme of replicating the original metals it was time for one from the o.g. gang box.

Mostly just stock bits, (which is testament to the kits themselves) with a pistol holster and ponytail lifted from the Eldar corsairs kit. I think I hit the majority of the key features.

Now to finish the half-done juve before I distract myself with (another) project!
Tonight marks the auspicious date that the Underhive Harridans first saw battle!

While technically reinforced by a couple of Carrion Queens to make up for my laziness in building lasgun-totung gang sisters and in no way featuring everything I built I had great fun in my first sector mechanicus Necromunda game. Sure I lost to a Cawdor gang I outnumbered(!)

But the game had some wonderful moments like Kid Row (the newest member) surviving charge after charge from the faithful rabble despite being ablaze!

Not forgetting the Cawdor ganger taking flight to cross an 8" gap in the terrain to blast Suzi Snake eyes from her perch from which she had continually failed to affect the Cawdor leader despite firing at point blank range with her needle rifle!

Or Sweet "Samurai" Lucy cleaning up one flank for the table before when down to only 2 Escher on the board moving to face off with about half the Cawdor, surviving the first charge and leaving the Ganger at her feet, dodging the incoming attacks of the champion and realising that hitting back disarmed wouldn't be effective retreated from combat to unload the plasma pistol at home only for it to blow up in her face!

All in all a great night and I'm really looking forward to the campaign!
Sounds like the Harridans entered the underhive in epic fashion!

I was super pumped after the game!

I've taken some advice on my starting list for the campaign and decided to use that grenade launcher conversion I made some time back to make a specialist for the gang.

I really like her attitude even if she's not an update of one of the classics.

Now to get this pair painted before the campaign starts properly!
So with campaign launch breathing down my neck and my opponent drawn for the first round I really needed to get some paint on the two latest recruits! I figured priority had to go to the Grenade Launcher as I can always sub in a Carrion Queens with lasgun if needed.

She's a long way from done yet but I'm quite pleased with the early progress!
A couple of late nights and some steering from. GD winner helped get Iron Maven over the line!

Pretty pleased with her, she will now inevitably be the first casualty in the game I have scheduled in Friday but at least she's ready.

Now to see if I can finish one more model before Friday or if I need to loan a ganger from the Carrion Queens.