Malika's 6mm WIPs!


Gang Hero
Feb 15, 2014
Thought to have a separate thread for my own 6mm designs.

First up, your feedback is needed on these.

I'm about to submit these for printing, just need to know if the missile pods should be pointing straight forward (Elites on top) or slightly up (Elites on the bottom).

Second row, pointing slightly up. Definitely the best for me. Both for what they are and to help the missiles stand out visually on the game board.
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I really like them. They could be used for a lot of other settings beside tatooine
Quick experiment, 6mm harpoon tanks for the Skinners. Dunno if there would be any interest in this amongst Ork players:
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Thanks! Here's a tiny update:


From left to right: early WIP of a close combat fellow, gang leader, flamer guy, Vanguard Miniatures' Cybershadows Stalker Pilot, Vanguard Miniatures' Novan Elites Siege Armour.
I designed a semi generic bridge kit for Vanguard Miniatures





A resin cast generic human bridge span with a slot on the inner faces for insertion of a 2mm thick plastic sheet or MDF (not included) road to whatever width you desire.

Set contains:

2 x bridge spans

4 x optional bridge legs

6 x optional barriers

Span dimensions: 48mm long, 25mm high. Additional legs 20mm high each.

Infantry figure and 50mm square plastic road tile shown for scale purposes only and is not included in this set. Note also that the resin colour may vary.