MankyMeet 2020 (Cancelled)

I haven't a clue if this will go ahead, but provided it does and i wouldn't be quarantined for half a month in ordrr to attend a two day event...

Each event i try to set goals. The first was to aborb the atmosphere and support the evrnt as much as possible. My second event was to get as msny games in as possible (which was 10).

This event i think i would like to try out other systems and other's home made stuff. So provided its still going ahead, if you want to try new system or have a scenario that you made yourself, then tap me on the shoulder and excitedly tell me what you have waiting for us. I will also come with a couple of little things too to try out.

Edit: and if i would need to prepare something ahead of time, obviously let me know ahead of time.
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Although iv not heard anything negative from the hotel yet, I’m contemplating putting this event on hold this year.

Although wearing masks and keeping distances will be super annoying, my big worry is that they leave it as close to the event as they can before cancelling on us, which I can totally imagine happening!

I’m going to get in touch with them (the hotel) and see how things go nationally this next month. But I suppose what I’m trying to say is don’t anyone make any big plans for being there just yet!

Id also like to ask, what do you yaks think or feel about the situation?
Should we just leave it for this year and continue again when society is in a better place?

many thanks
Let’s see if and how Yakmeet goes in September - We are still currently at a go status.

Also I really enjoyed the more relaxed Mankymeet last year so this Troll will be gutted if it doesn’t go ahead.
With a heavy heart, im calling this off for this year.

Sorry to every and all yaks this might effect. There is always an element of risk when organising the meet-ups, and at this highly unpredictable and volatile time I feel we are better off waiting until next year rather than push this through for it to either not happen or be extemely restrictive!

Fingers crossed that Tribemeet Newark goes ahead unhindered next month, and hopefully I see some of you there!
but otherwise, I’m still going to try a Yaktribe Christmas party at the beginning of December and a mini meet-up in October (Durham yaks get in touch Re:IRN-BRU MEET).

here’s to better times in 2021!
Until then, I hope everyone is keeping themselves and their families safe!