May 2020 updated FAQs


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Jul 26, 2015
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New FAQs posted today:

Some points of interest:

1. You start the second half with the full complement of re-rolls. I doubt there was much confusion about the RAI; this is really an erratum smuggled in as an FAQ though.

2. If you roll a characteristic reduction when already at the maximum, you should now re-roll. (In previous editions, you simply had the MNG.)

3. The previous answer to a question about Diving Tackle said it could only be used on a re-rolled Dodge if not used on the first attempt. This bit has been removed. While it doesn't explicitly state that the modifier carries over to the re-roll, I assume that's the intention. Given the confusion caused by the earlier FAQ, it probably would have been helpful if this had been stated.

4. Two players with Diving Catch can both attempt to catch a ball that lands in both TZs.

5. Confirmation that a failed Foul Appearance roll cancels the whole of a Blitz action (i.e. you don't even get to move).
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Dec 29, 2017
Some brutal clarifications here! And a lot of very detailed scenarios, looks like something the programmers of BB3 (digital) might have asked when developing 2nd season.