Thanks, @Punktaku! I need the encouragement, things are heating up. I had some family responsibilities, and then we all went for a walk, just got back 20 minutes ago. But progress is being made, here's another quick wip.

Again, I might not have needed to spend the time to tie the sail with a quick-release knot, but it looks rather nice... Don't know how well it shows in the photo.
I'm also furiously painting the shields in the back-ground while glue dries. They won't be very pretty, but they'll do the trick.
Ahem, who left that unfinished comp piece lying around? Nevermind that...
Slow end to the hobby year, hoping to start out stronger! I got a new glue gun, so seemed like a good idea to move some terrain up the queue. Hive Guys wip.

Noice! Trash terrain is always the best terrain!

Agreed! I had a crate worth of GW terrain already so I sorted through to re-use a lot for the Underhive board I painted last year (yay!), spiced up with all kinds of parts. But Necromunda terrain mostly / only made from dollar store items and things you'd throw in the bin otherwise has a very special place in my scaly heart!

Hive Guys looking good so far!
Thanks, guys! I suddenly had a game last Sunday, which spurred me on to finish the thing. Pretty intense, as I built it and painted it in like two and a half days, including some final touches early Sunday morning before I left for my friends house. Last touch was the rusty splotches, which were added last night, but it made it to the table!

Hope you like, I'm pretty pleased with it. I'll post it in the Hive Guys thread at some point too.
@MedMos if you need them I think the Hive Guys logo etc is in here.

If you print on photo paper it looks like a store sign rather than a poster. Open in word so it keeps the formats.
If you do decide to use them you can resize them in word to fit whatever sign you’ve made, happy to show you how if you don’t know.

Either way loving the building made from junk, I feel like it’s a a slowly dying skill what with the advent of 3D printing and GW making so many scenery kits these days!
I'll admit, I wouldn't mind some 3d printed wooden barrels and windows, for when I get more Mordheim terrain in the works. 40k stuff is more forgiving, medieval fantasy is much more recognisable.
That being said, I still have cubic feet of trash to still glue together, I just need to get that new hot glue gun fired up for real. :D
I did a little bit of painting... Still haven't started my comp piece, things keep getting in the way. Anyway, here is a vampire I pieced together, and a bounty hunter that's been in the queue since the late 90's. By now, I'm ready to settle for tabletop ready, as I don't think I'm doing him justice at all.


He hasn't come out as well as the vampire, it's true, but at least he's done. Better than not done.
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