Very busy mini, so it's understandable. Maybe some highlights on the hair might make it pop a little more?
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Maybe the opposite? Get something into the cracks and spaces between.
Or if you redo it, maybe just do the hair in something lighter and go over it once with contrast so it adds some depth on it's own.
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Godly Erection:

I'll have to get to work, only a good week to go!
I've managed to apply caulking, for smoothing out rough parts and the styrofoam texture, and also to imprint some brickwork on two sides. And then gave it a quick spray of primer. Also started on some scaffolding-like structures, to place around the monolith. But it's going to be a race to meet the deadline!

I think I have everything built, so last night the woodwork and a good part of the stonework got a burnt umber craft paint wash. On the stone, most of it will be covered up again, but I thought I might as well add some splotches of brown. So this image is where I left it last night. Work continues this morning.
Time to dust off the old plog, starting on a new comp!
I'm going to build another spyre hunter for my friend. A Yeld, more specifically, since they believe they can fly. Like the rest of the spyrers I've built, they'll be based on the new Van Saar, but with a headswap and probably some scratch built wings.
Ok, no pictures today, sorry. I just wanted to put my ideas for wings in here, and hopefully I can get some actual work done over the weekend.
My first idea was cutting some thin plastic into strips and layering them to form wings, as a sort of homage to the original Yeld model. That is now my backup option.
Because last night I unpacked some garlic from a sort of mesh bag. And I was wondering whether I could press it into some thinly spread sprue goo, and make an interesting imprint that way. I'm going to have to try, pictures and comments on the process will be forthcoming as soon as I get some spare time!