Micro Hulk

It's the sector mechanicus bases. One box was enough for all the termies and stealers.

I've heard the later editions models were excellent but not very practical game wise as they were very large with dynamic poses.

Also found a pic of one of the 3D hulk sections I made.

Your stealers look great @Luke82
The bases are really nice and the little 3D section is cool. (y)
I own the current edition of spacehulk and although the minis are absolutely gorgeous, they are almost all totally impractical for playing with, if I ever Get the balls to paint my set up, I'll definitely snip and rebase the lot, probably on sector imperialisty thingy me jigs like Luke, after seeing his lovely nids! (I said nids!) :p
I thought aboit getting boxes of the stealers, but at 23eur for 8 I'll pass. I dont know what they were thinking with the ones in the box :(
We have been playing space hulk this weekend, my nephews loved it, even if v0.1 was a bit rough.
I think I converted a few people to space hulk with that prototype, which is good!

I got my ass kicked like 3 or 4 times btw :p

- mixing super strong 5x2 and fridge magnets: bad idea. first ones are too strong second ones too weak...
- need a better view of where miniatures are facing, but that'll workout.
- 7.5mm tiles are small but it works great nonetheless

Cant wait to make v 0.2 now!
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I received my order from Vanguard yesterday, and these guys really are tiny!

The good part is that they're pretty quick to prepare, and easy to store. I guess they're also super quick to paint, we soon shall see.

I glued them onto magnets, will try the 5x2 that I have, even if they are pretty strong. I think that with only these, on top of paper, it works. So my plan is to use the Qtip sticks glued to the same magnets as tokens.
Now, the question is: in the end, it is a lot of stuff! The box will be crowded.

Another point: I ended up getting not all of the guys I had selected (to try to save some money), and now I don't have a clear choice for the heavy flamer or the claws.

I cut the metal sheet to shape. Haven't glued it inside the box yet, but it seems to work well. It ends up being weird, as the box is now particularly heavier than a normal DVD box :p

Next steps:
- painting
- redo maps+cover
- prepare pdf file(s) with everything (instructions & maps)

Note to self: I kinda like 6mm. It's not just 28mm only smaller, but a different thing. I may or may not end up doing 1/4 scale kings of war with massive armies. That shall look badass!
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Now, I painted a few test models. These definitely are smaller, BUT no one looks at them closer than 28mm, and there arent that many details anyway.
So I used similar techniques, only faster, and it looks okay (hard to take good pics).
-> corax white spray
-> 50% diluted back wash
-> dark (red/purple/blue) base coat all over, kinda dry brushing but not quite
-> medium (red/purple/blue) layer on most exposed parts
-> light (red/purple/blue) on edges
-> black on details that need another color/cleaning+base
-> details, eg metallic tjings, and claws in flashy green. This to add something interesting visually ; besides, genestealers are technically claws with a monster around them

Done! I am satisfied with how they turned out.
And I have to admit I am dangerously tempted to paint 100s of those and see how a full army looks like O:)

Wont even try the 5/0 to add more details, as those are intended for tabletop.
I may need a good, solid varnish, though... and thats something I have never tried! Any advice?
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I've been toying with this idea for a while, making excel ships at work too!
Any update on the project?
Well, latest thing is: gluing metal sheet inside a dvd box doesnt work well to make a flat gaming surface: if I had to work again on it i would just do a foldable one (eg like killteam cardboard terrain) and store it in the case. Apart from that... nothing special! Havent played with it that much... But Id be happy to help in any way if I can :)
I'd been thinking of a way to make a case for a while, your dvd DVD box idea sounded like a moment of pure genius. I'm sorry it didn't work out.

I've been making my own paper craft game which I'd thought up an idea for that I think I'd make use of here, layering the play area so there are removable sections/levels.

Did you find using the magnets that you did made it hard to group minis close together, risking them sticking or repelling? I've heard that's an issue from reading another version. You wrote off the fridge magnet type magnetic paper early on. How come?
yeah, I think I'll still store stuff in the dvd box, but gluing metal sheet to the case doesnt work. And I have to admit I was happy to come up with that solution :)
I wasnt happy with fridge magnets: too weak. The magnets that I use a prob a bit too strong/more strong than needed, but it hasnt been an issue - not that I have an extensive experience playing it, but it seemed okay.