Necromunda Missing Giant Rat or Necromunda Giant Rat Pet in Gang manager?


Sep 9, 2019
I have noticed that Giant Rat option is missing from the + add Hired Guns / Pets in Gang Manager. Can we get it added.
Rules as followed


0-3, Common – 50 credits
The fighter is accompanied by a Necromunda Giant Rat. The Underhive contains a warren of disused and decaying tunnels and sewers that are infested by swarms of rats. There are many different mutant sub-species of rats on Necromunda and their individual physiology varies immensely. Giant rats can grow anywhere up co 4 feet long (not including their tail), while the huge razor-sharp fangs of some of the larger creatures can reach to well over a foot. Necromundan rats exhibit a sort of low animal cunning and have incredibly fast natural reactions. These combine to give them an almost supernatural ability to dodge any attack that is aimed at them. Domesticated giant rats are common hive critters, highly intelligent and show a great ability to learn and surprising loyalty.

The Necromunda Giant Rat has the following profile: M WS BS S T W I A Ld Cl Will Int
6’’ 4+ - 3 3 1 3+ 1 10+ 8+ 10+ 9+

Weapon Rng Acc Str AP D Ammo Traits
Jaws - E - - 3 - 1 - Melee, Backstab

  • Small Target: Necromunda Giant Rats are quick, making them difficult to target in the perpetual gloom of the underhive. Ranged attacks against Necromunda Giant Rats are at -1 to hit. In addition, a Necromunda Giant Rat is never a potential target when working out the effects of a Stray Shot
  • Nimble: Necromunda Giant Rats have almost preternatural reflexes, seemingly sensing danger before they strike. A Necromunda Giant Rat has a save of 4+, which is never modified by Armour Penetration.
  • Rat Cunning: Rats are among the most resilient organisms on Necromunda, and they have a sixth sense when it comes to their environment. A canny fighter learns how to read the mood of their rats and react to danger accordingly. A fighter with at least one Necromunda Giant Rat gains a special 5+ save against damage from environmental effects. Take this save before any other kind of save. Alternatively, a fighter may sacrifice one of their rats to completely ignore damage from an environmental effect. The Necromunda Giant Rat is then removed from the gang’s roster.


Executive Officer in charge of Radishes
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Necromunda Custodian
Tribe Council
Sep 15, 2012
Alnwick, Northumberland
It may be some time before tools are updated with various entries.
In the meantime, you can create profiles like this in the custom tools section. They’re pretty straightforward, and most options have a tooltip explaining what it does.