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Modular Gaming Board Construction Log - Sci-Fi Industrial 'Munda - Inc Timelapse

Discussion in 'Miniatures & Terrain' started by spikedog, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. spikedog

    spikedog Juve

    Hello everyone,

    For the last few weeks I have been constructing a modular sci-fi industrial gaming board and recording a timelapse video as I go. I have uploaded the video to youtube and you can see it here:


    Make sure to watch it in 1080p fullscreen for the best effect and to see all of the steps and details. I plan to create three of these, one showing the basic construction of the table, one for the detailing and a final one for the painting. The videos may be some time apart as I don't get a lot of time to work on the board each week but they will come eventually!

    Also in case you don't want to watch the video here are some work in progress shots of the board:


    Finally if you are interested in the steps I took so far and the materials I used I have a quick run down below:

    1) Packed out the basic shape I wanted out of various junk I found around the house.
    2) Cover said junk with expanding foam and spray with water (it helps the foam expand and set)
    3) When dry cut the foam to the required shape
    4) Cover areas you plan to be textured with sand with filler
    5) When filler has dried sand it down
    6) Glue bulkheads around the outside of the channel

    I will update this thread as I finish more on the board even if I haven't yet finished enough for another video. If you have any questions or comments as always I would love to hear them!

    Oh and just because I can, I am going to plug our podcast. If you like specialist games, other war games and board games then check us out:

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  2. Starfarer

    Starfarer Juve

    Wow, your table is really looking nice. I assume it is 2x2 sections, making a 4x4 board?

    I'm currently planning my table, which I want to be both portable and easily storable. I've built the basic board in 2x4 sections, which I had planned on connecting with hinges so it could fold up for travel/storage. However, the 2x2 sections make it more variable like yours. I have a couple questions for you:

    What are the measurements for the wood for the width and height of the outer walls?

    Is it just pine? For my table I used pine, which while fairly lightweight got kind of heavy once the support frame underneath was added, and my outer walls are 3/8'' thick I believe.

    My other issue is the walls are much shorter to allow it to fold, but I lose the option of a "lower level" so to speak like you have with the corridors. I may have to borrow a few ideas from your board to make it a more leveled gaming board, as well as making it more modular.

    Thanks so much for sharing, it's given me a ton of ideas!
  3. jimjimjimmyjim

    jimjimjimmyjim Gang Hero
    Yak Supporter

    Nice work. Where do you get that many bulkheads?
  4. horundwar

    horundwar Ganger
    Yak Supporter

    All those bulkheads........... :'(
  5. The Castle

    The Castle Heavy
    Staff Member

    i was going to mention the gold mine that you seem to be putting on that board, but everyone else beat me to it.
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  6. spikedog

    spikedog Juve

    Haha! Well that settles one thing on my mind I guess. Since no one has noticed the colour variation nor the fact that several of the bulkheads broke while I was working with them I guess that means that everyone thinks they look pretty close to the Necromunda bulkheads then.

    No bulkheads were harmed in the making of this table. Every single bulkhead on this table is made of hard casting plaster! :)

    Starfarer - Nice ideas for a table, having hinges and being able to fold it up for storage certainly would be nice but as you can imagine the bulk and weight of this one means it would simply be impossible. However I have been sure to keep the layers all flat on the top so they do stack together quite neatly. You are correct on the measurements, they are 2'x2' for a 4'x4' board. I also have another 4 sections exactly the same that I am thinking of making a Mordheim board with after this. The outer walls I think are 3/8" but I will have to check when I get home although they are just MDF. I plan to paint the edges black (or maybe black and yellow stripes) when I am done so cheapest wood available was the order of the day.

    Also because I didn't mention it in the original post, the corridors you see me constructing below will actually be a water way when finished. Not completely covered in water but have a stream of filthy sludge going down the middle.
  7. Margorach

    Margorach Gang Hero

    just a small question of interest.....

    why did you start off with a crap layer and why not just do a foam layer and cut it out from there? :)
    becaus i would just use the pir foam oe a foam sheet and cut it out. this seems like its more work but has no plus side :)
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  8. horundwar

    horundwar Ganger
    Yak Supporter

    I now have positive feelings about you and think you are great. ::) Just one question how do I cancel a bounty? Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.
  9. Gimlet

    Gimlet Juve

    Wow, nice! I'll be looking forwards to following this!

    Love the sort of wide, entrenched channel. Though it seems to me as if the amount of space they occupy make it somewhat difficult to place aditional terrain on the board, loosing some of the randomness between games?

    Or are you planning on adding terrain direactly onto the board during building and reling mainly on fitting the board togeather in various ways to provide the variety?

    Secondly, you mentiond casting the bulheads, mind explaing the process of how you did this as well?
  10. spikedog

    spikedog Juve

    Cheaper, by building up a layer with junk I had to use less foam and saved money. Also using spray foam over sheets means everything is very solid with no wiggle room. You could do it either way but this way worked for me. Plus I don't have a car big enough to get sheets of foam back home from the shop!

    @ Gimlet - I plan to do a bit of both, there will be some terrain elements that are designed to be slotted straight into the board but everything will be removable for storage. Also I will be doing large bridge sections that are big enough to have buildings on them to make extra space if needed. However all that said there is a reasonably large amount of space for buildings as is. We played a game on it the other day and fit almost all the scenery from two Necromunda box sets. I will take pictures next time we play so that you can see.

    As for the casting of the bulkheads, pretty simple really. I bought a latex rubber molding kit, made a mold of one side of two bulkheads and then cast them up (many times) using strong casting plaster. Again I will take pictures of the molds I created tomorrow so that you can see.

    Glad to see people are interested in the board, I have already started work on the detailing so I will update with some new pictures towards the end of this week hopefully.
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  11. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    I would be very interested in pics/step by step for casting the bulkheads. Would love to have the ablitly to put them into some home made terrian without harming my precious few I have.

    This is looking ace mate. One question on the board, some of the surface where you've cut away the foam has left pocket holes in the ground. Are you going to fill these or are they left as difficult ground/holes?
  12. Gimlet

    Gimlet Juve

    Ah, nice! .. I think im going to have to try that sometime.

    Out of curiosity, whats the dimensions of each of the quater sections of the voard? An by extention i suppose, of the board itself.
  13. Santos

    Santos Gang Champion

    x 2

    Looks great, looking forward to seeing how you go modular upwards from the floor level.
    Once participated in a campaign where we tried to have a fixed table that was a planned 4x4m and buildings where permenant. since we couldnt get hold of enough 1m by 1m folding card tables we went with 3x3. It didnt work to well as moving them around to fight was a nightmare

    The time capture was interesting but next time you might want to give more consideration to extra lighting, particularly towards the end the shaddows just covered what you where doing.
  14. spikedog

    spikedog Juve

    Cheers for all of the comments everyone, I was hoping to get a chance to work on the board some more this week but I am now away on business and all of this week was spent getting ready. But don't fret I have not forgotten about the table and as soon as I get back work will resume.

    I will try and answer some of the questions I have got so far though:

    @Santos - No problem, I will do a step by step guide to casting the bulkheads including listing out the materials I used and where I bought them. I need to make a new cast for another project I will be starting on after this table is done so I will do a step by step when I start making that cast (although the actual cast won't be Necromunda themed)

    As for going upwards with the board, There will be no static elements that go above the level it is currently at. Everything that goes on top will be move-able terrain pieces. I do have plans for some large and impressive ones but everything will be removed for storage.

    Finally as for the time lapse lighting, I realised after I completed that last section that I was blocking the light but since I had already finished the work there was nothing I could do. I thought it would be better to include it, regardless of how poor it was in order to keep the video consistent.

    @Gimlet - The board sections are 2'x2' each making a 4'x4' board. Perfect size for Necromunda in my opinion.

    @spafe - Step by step on the bulkheads is coming so watch this space. As for the holes, they will mostly be covered with textured plasticard giving the whole board a very industrial feel, however I do plan to leave some and just texture them with sand to make gravel pits and the like.
  15. spikedog

    spikedog Juve

    So, wow, three months since I worked on this aye. Well I had a bit a of a busy spell at work that caused me to not have any time to game, let alone work on the board but I got a chance to mess around with it this weekend.

    First up I started filling some of the gaps, I am using cheap filler which I then push in some cut up sprue to form debris. I will then cover with sand and rocks to finish before painting:


    Next I worked on something I have wanted to do in my models for a while now, LED lighting. I bought some random flicker orange LED lights from fleebay and wired them into the board. Next I wanted to have the power supply for them to be removable, easily accessible and somewhat hidden so I came up with this:


    Inside is a small plastic box with a screw lid that houses the 9v battery, resistor and on the top is an on/off switch. It is held into place on the board by a pair of magnets and the electrical contact with the board is made by drawing pins. It works perfectly, which to be honest I was quite shocked by. :)

    Here is the light on the first board:


    I plan for the other sections to have more than one light and maybe even different circuits that can be switched between.
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  16. AndyT81

    AndyT81 Gang Hero
    Yak Comp 1st Place Yak Supporter

    Cool led lighting! Was thinking if doing something similar with my space hulk stuff- could you put a link of what you bought? Never done led stuff before but looks so damn good.....

    Andy T's Necromunda Plog
  17. djmothra

    djmothra Magister Competere
    Yak Comp 2nd Place Yak Supporter

  18. AndyT81

    AndyT81 Gang Hero
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  19. spikedog

    spikedog Juve

    @ AndyT81 - Thanks, it was pretty easy to be honest. Sit down with a few internet guides and an afternoon and I am sure you can knock up something interesting. I am going to do more of this on the board for sure, each board will have it's own built in lights and some of the scenery elements will have their own lighting.

    @ djmothra - Thanks for the links. I am quite well versed in Terragenesis, great site. :)

    So minor work done tonight, after checking in the test section I did last night I went ahead and chopped up a load more sprues and filled in all the other gaps in the boards:


    I decided to go another route with the top layer and have ordered a bunch of foam core, not sure if my ideas will work yet but like everything I am doing with this board I will work it out as I go along!
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  20. Nevie

    Nevie Ganger
    Yak Supporter

    This is some amazing work. What do you use for your filler?

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