N18 Monster hunt


Jun 30, 2022
Hi all - looking for some thoughts and experiences on the Monster hunt scenario. Looks like a lot of fun, but it sounds like the tentacle emerging mechanic can lead to it snowballing on one gang so someone either bottles before the big monster emerges or no gang is left strong enough to take in the big monster. We really want the monster to emerge and have a good crack at killing it. I'm thinking a.) Make the tentacle spawn something like 5"+d3 from the wounded ganger, so there's a chance it will be outside of its versatile range, to reduce the risk of tentacle snowballing b.) Also having some giant rats running around that can be shot at to tempt out the tentacles. Still gives some jeopardy, but not a certainty of the tentacles spawning in your midst and the roaming rats could give some fun strategic plays to control where tentacles pop up. Hopefully this still gives enough of a challenge to tempt out the big boss, but gives a reasonable chance of both gangs being in a position to tackle the big one when it eventually emerges.
The 4+ WS on the tentacles really make them far less dangerous than they used to be. I've played it and the bigger threat was my opponent deciding my gang was a more tempting target. Your rat idea is neat, I'm going to try it with boreworms eventually summoning the Ambull.
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