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Nov 30, 2017
Parshall ND, USA
So I have an idea for a campaign. But it is very disjointed and I am hoping for some help in getting it organized.

First I am using a hybrid system of the new Necromunda rules and Mordheim. I am thinking of it more Mordheim with some elements of Necromunda thrown in (Mainly alternating activation based on action points)

So the idea of the campaign is that the warbands are on an island exploring, it will run a certain number of missions (Thinking about 6 per warband), whoever wins will benefit in the WFB 6th edition campaign that follows it. I would like to do both as a "Map based" campaign.

I'm really not sure what I need to do, any suggestions?


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Apr 4, 2017
Connecticut, USA
Obviously you’ll need a map, with your important points on it. if it’s a narrative campaign, you’ll need to set up the encounters (missions/objectives) for the war bands that take part. if it’s 6/war band, you’ll need at least 6 for every two players (since they’ll be competing in the missions). OR you could do it randomly like in the rule books, but with adjustments for the island setting. you’ll also need a way to determine how the overall winner will be decided. since you said it’s set up for a WFB campaign, you’ll also need to set up how it will carry over: what’s the grand reward for victory and how does it affect the winner’s army.
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Jul 26, 2015
Southampton, UK
This probably isn't much help, but I vaguely recall a series of White Dwarf articles (probably 5th edition) featuring a map-based campaign on a Lizardman island.
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Mar 29, 2016
Halifax, NS, Canada
On which note, there are two "settings" which might suit you well, one of which was part of a campaign intrinsically, the other of which was an alternate setting.

Lustria campaign setting was a setting, scenarios, a couple extra new warband lists, and some magic items.

Albion campaign was a setting, scenarios, campaign, two dramatis personae, and NPCs.

Neither one was specifically map-control based, but there is a map-control campaign layout available to plaster onto either, over at:

The question is, do you want your island to be jungle and ruins and warm, or do you want your island to be fog and giants and cold?