Necromunda Multi-profile custom weapons, custom traits, custom fighters and venator skills.

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Nov 15, 2017
Edinburgh, UK
HI @Malo, I have a few questions or ideas that could enhance the custom tools.

(i) Is there a way to add multi-profile custom weapons? Like if I wanted to make a plasmagun 120 credits, could I create one that had both profiles, rather than having to ask players to remember to buy or add both profiles to a fighter? Say from Image 1 (just now) to multi-stat options in Image 2?


Image 1 - current options


Image 2 - suggested change?

(ii) Is there also a way to add custom Traits for weapons? I have a few Traits I use in our campaigns which would be nice to be able to use in the custom tools and campaign manager.

(iii) Also if I make custom fighters, is there a way to lock them to being Gangers, Champions, Leaders, etc? I created new Goliaths and Custom Ogryns for my campaign, until you do them, but there isn't a way to define the Forge Tyrant or Overboss as Leader, Forgeboss, Stimmer or Underboss as Champion, etc.

(iv) Finally, when I create Venators and define their skills, i can not access custom skills outwith those defined tables.

Thank you in advance!