N18 My first Necromunda Hive War list (almost done), need help with my Escher list before I start assembling please.


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Aug 11, 2021
My friend (Delaque) I are going to be playing Necromunda Hive War for the first time and I'm in the process of starting my first list.

We are playing pretty casual so I don't need the most competitive list. I just want to make sure it's playable and ok before I start assembling.

190 Queen w x2 Shock whip + Mesh Armour (+Las Gun?)

175 Materiach w Plasma Pistol + Las Pistol? (or a Melee Weapon?) + Mesh Armour

180 Materiach w Needle Rifle + Stiletto Sword + MeshA

215 Sister Specialist w Nightshade + Chem synth + Mesh Armour (expensive but I have already built her)

105 Sister w shotgun + Acid Rounds+ Mesh Armour

55 Sister w Las Gun

55 Sister w Las Gun

Total 975
25 points left for small edits or adding grenades etc

The dual whip Queen is probably a poor choice but I think it looks cool. It's it playable?

We are keeping to the kits that come with the Hive War starter but are allowing conversions. So no Death Maidens but ok to converting a Needle rifle.


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Nov 14, 2018
I would give your LD a boltgun and a knife and then one of your matriarchs the double whips as they are more expendable if she doesn't flay her target to death....

Plaspistol and stiletto knife are good combo, can't remember if the Underhive book has power knife as an option if so one of those is usually more than enough as melee back up weapon.
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Mar 8, 2019
So, on the dual whip queen, my first advice is if you think it looks cool, do it. Necromunda isn't a finely balanced competetive game so doing stuff that looks cool, or that your enjoy is entirely valid.

From a gameplay perspective, dual whips is situationally very strong, if she's engaging at her versatile range, its even stronger with a skill like Rain of Blows but there's an argument to say that dual whips is overkill as a Gang Queen has base 3 attacks anyway, the extra whip would push her up to 4 (5 on the charge) and so it could be considered a sunken spend

In terms of the rest of the gang, id go for a melee weapon rather than a laspistol for your plasma pistol champion, backup weapons are nice to have but not essential in a starting gang, its something you add in later to my view

My misgivings with this gang is its only 6 bodies, which means you'll be at risk of failing cool checks after a single casualty, Escher have a decidedly average cool so loading up on bodies keeps your girls from running away too soon, id be aiming for at least 8 models I in a starting gang, which means trimming some of the frills.

The Nightshade thrower is a cool, thematic weapon, but its also very expensive for what it does, if you're looking to trade gear for girls, thats where id start
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Aug 4, 2020
I'd make a few changes, personally; having only 7 fighters is pretty lean, so I'm a proponent of having more bodies than having more gear at the start.

Double Shock Whip is pretty fun. 5 Attacks on the charge, with the extra reach, is good. But you'll struggle to crack armour and won't get Coup de Grace.

First matriarch should be pistol + melee if you're going that way, so I'd consider shifting the sword from the second matriarch on to her, or giving her a power knife for a marginally cheaper option.

For your second matriarch and your specialist, I would swap their load outs! I like having the more expensive weapons on the multi-wound people, and the +2 to hit from the needle rifle is enough for a ganger. But that's mostly personal preference.

My main thing is that I would really want at least one more body, so I would consider dropping the Acid Rounds and the Mesh Armour from the Shotgun Ganger and using the cash to get a juve with a stub gun and some smoke/photon flash grenades.

Another important thing to consider is your skills; they make a big difference to how you are going to play. Spring Up is almost essential for melee characters, and I'm kind of a fan of Sprint on the Nightshade Thrower because you need to get close.

But overall, yeah, list looks fine and I hope you have a lot of fun with it!
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