My table planning for Necromunda - slowly but steadily

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Mar 6, 2018
It's still difficult. I'm only getting older and health and breath, time and hobby budget are always an issue, but I'm fighting my way forward and slowly but surely, I'm getting a little further.

In order to get a better feeling for my planned table size and the proportions, I designed ZM Tiles and Terrain today as a test and played around with it a bit.

My modular diorama table should be a maximum of 122 cm x 122 cm. I use Zone Mortalis Plastic Tiles with a size of 12" x 12" as the standard module size. The area framed by the old bulkheads and hatched in light green becomes a chemical swamp. In order to achieve the required height for the bulkheads, I use Stryodur (XPS foam) insulation plates with a thickness of 5 cm and 2 cm.

The remaining area can then be equipped with any ZM modules. The red numbers represent the number of modules required for the whole table. I need at least 12 modules for the full table. As you can see, I want to use other terrain besides Zone Mortalis. I will therefore probably not build all modules on ZM Floor Tiles, but also some on MDF bases. For example, a planned junkyard.

On this occasion I had to find out that apparently the collecting mania had run away with me a little bit. Because it looks like I already have more terrain and more terrain ideas than I will probably need. But now it is and I'll see what I can make of it. ;-)
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I'll be watching this with interest. In a similar situation myself.
Agreed. I need to finish a tables worth of terrain and a couple of gangs and play some games on it. May never make a great, artistic table but experiencing the totality of the hobby is a much better outcome than not doing it.
Thanks. I try and work on it as much as possible.

I think I'll start with the swamp lake module left in the front. That will be approx. 61 cm x 61 cm. Lastly, I made the remaining quay walls. However, I want to do a few more. The first ones have gotten a little fat and I would like to replace them.

By now we even had the weather I'd been waiting for so I can go outside for the rough work and priming. However, I had two very exhausting and long days and have to recover first. It usually takes a while and when I'm not feeling well, my motivation also weakens.

Otherwise not much is happening right now. The visual model is still built. I've also unpacked other terrain sets and play with the possibilities in between. Among other things, the Imperial Bastion will become part of the Gang Stronghold part. I also want some of the ZM walls higher, but first I have to build more columns and walls. I also learn and test the rules on it. But everything is just incidental and not nearly as effective and productive as I would like it to be, or as I used to be.

But that's the way it is and I have to accept that and as long as I still have fun and enjoy it, it's okay too.
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