Necromunda My Underhive…Tiktaaliks Hobby Thread (with WIPs)

I like how the whole board is going to be walkways over/through a large area of sump water or whatever. Makes it hard to avoid the area, like when you have large open ponds. Loads more playable space.
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This section is the lowest of four. The other three are somewhat higher and will look totally different. there will be a few grim dark buildings with shrines on one, then the maze section that I posted a year ago and for the fourth I’m thinking about some sort of multi-tiered structure or a wall with multiple levels. Although I’m not sure that I would like to have one quarter get an unfair advantage in terms of LOS.
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My girlfriend is sort of a Frenemy at times and said that some parts look really good and other parts just look like painted Styrofoam.

Well… yeah, that is an issue. Same with baked bean cans - super identifiable.

You were on the right lines with the black textured paint. You just needed some wall filler in there, either pre-mixed or preferably the powdered variety. Then you could’ve painted that on, stippled a bit for a concrete look too.

It’s not too late to coat the walkways either. Best bit about scenery, especially home made scenery, is that you can always go back to it at a later date and improve parts.

Your concept is great though, with the little water sections it’s going to make movement and charging a lot tricker.
One potential downside though is that you’re always within the falling zone when going prone for any reason (this applied to old and new Necromunda), which means a lot of tests to see if people fall off and into the green watery bits.

Now you could just ignore that rule in this section but it’s always worth checking this stuff while building else you could potentially end up building a Death Trap.
I’m sorry but it’s a seldom thing to post progress on the board. But here is some grim dark crustiness. There will be more details added to these pieces. Tubes, pipes and retaining walls




This board will be a sort of residential area. Details for this board are inspired by a book about rural farm houses in France. There are tiny little details that the simple folk would add to their homes to ward off evil spirits. translated to 40 K it will be a bit darker.
Instead of the hooves of wild boars, the common folk nail the hands of thieves and beggars to their doors.

I have done more with acrylic texture medium on this board section. The result is, well, more textured.

It’s plastic, really flexible and pliable mesh. I found a large piece of it on the street so I can’t tell you where you can get it. I laid a large piece down in the middle of the board and glued it with a hot glue gun in placed (roughly). Then I added the foam board strips to make the individual square sections. I used more hot glue, paint, debris, acrylic medium and tacky glue to hide weird spots and areas where the mesh was wrinkled.
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An. I’ve seen something I thought was similar but in metal at a Home Depot,
Now I get what you are referring to. It’s the screen usually used on the holes made to ventilate an attic or the crawlspace under a house. It’s aluminum with slits stamped into it and then pulled apart to form a screen. The plastic stuff is nice because you can handle it without cutting yourself. Probably easier on the models too.
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I think the base looks cool??
You went so photo auteur that I can't make much out, unfortunately.
I think I like it but is there any chance of a better photo?
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