Necromunda My Underhive…Tiktaaliks Hobby Thread (with WIPs)

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I figured it would make delaque seem ever more mysterious and weird. See if you can spot the guys with necron feet.

I should do more lighter colors; i noticed that while doing these. I painted the dark clothes by mixing five different oil paints together until I got a deep black purple. This was dumped on indiscriminately.
I did gray highlights and then washed everything with nuln oil (india ink mixed with floor polish).
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With a campaign starting soon, I am cooking up a few curveballs in case one gang gets to powerful. I have a crew of hive scum that I’ve primed and will speed paint. This Truescale Terminator will be some sort of NPC. The idea is that he is a blackshield and sporadic ally of a radical inquisitor. Why he has appeared on Cirian V is still a mystery.